Project X

1. Intro
2. My Doggs
3. Holla When U C Me
4. Dear Jason
5. Away From Here
6. Get Ready
7. Set It Off
8. If I Asked You
9. Sexy Lady
10. 1.2.3
11. The Truth
12. Hell Yea
13. Where Do We Go
14. Ex-B****
15. Ride.Dip.Roll
16. Why U Hatin (Get Buck)
17. Set It Off (Slow'D)
18. Gravy Freestyle Feat. Coach
Confession: Project X (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Project X

     The mixtape released before the second album is what started the dig into the crates for what would be later known as Loose Ends. Project X began as a little bit of free time and some old notebook pages of a few good songs waiting for their chance to see the light of day. In a sift of some random beats, Confession began brushing the dust from pages of lyrics from back in his early recording years to updated beats breathing new life into the words. With as sharp a delivery as if it was freshly written, the end result was Project X; an 18-track remix album of sorts full of previously unreleased material and a few new cuts.

     "My Doggs" is an upbeat banger of the song considering it’s the first ever recorded by the artist back in the late 90’s. "Away From Here" is a step outside the box and a leap towards R&B as the artist croons about a love gone wrong. The beat selection is a nice move as it brings some excitement to the, at times, lackluster lyricism. What makes this album a gem for the collection is the rawness of the material and listeners get an earful of an artist developing his craft; especially prior to listening to the official releases. When the tracks are compared to the original predecessors, there is no comparison and for a sample of a young artist finding his place, get this album.


Pen Bleed

1. Determination
2. Stadium Music
3. Stay In Those Jeans Feat. Chantelle
4. Amazing Loose Ends
5. I
6. Remember The Name
7. That's Gangsta
8. From Decatur Feat. Tavares
9. Great Escape
10. Kiss Me Thru The Phone
11. In The City
12. Blame It
13. Duffle Bag Boy
14. Gunz On Both Sides
15. Breaking News
16. Workin With A Monster
17. Pain Go Away
18. Fire Back Feat. Coach
19. Swine Flu Song (My Baby Got That Swine Flu)
20. Come On
21. Pen Bleed Intro
22. Pen Bleed
23. Aint No Way Feat. Keno
24. Its Been Long
Confession: Pen Bleed (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Pen Bleed

     Reaching into a collection of major artist releases for instrumentals from Young Jeezy and Day26 to Ginuwine and Kevin Rudolf, as well as some original production, Confession created a 24-track monster of a mixtape. Fresh off of the inspirational release The Movie Music Movement, Confession called in a few favors and got it done. Featuring guest appearances from regular collaborators Chantelle, Coach and Keno – and calling in a few new recruits Tavares and Tony Carolina for some production, the album is solid to say the least.

     "Stay In Those Jeans" is the fan favorite, done over a track Ginuwine penned by a similar title, that talks directly to an out of touch relationship. The eerily prophetic “Great Escape” is penned from the perspective of an alcoholic as he lay dying after a car accident."Swine Flu Song" (My Baby Got That Swine Flu) is a hilarious take on the outbreak as if singing about a significant other infected with the virus, and trying to dodge catching it, sung over Jeremih’s "Birthday Sex". It is definitely one of the most entertaining songs on the release. Pen Bleed is an example of a collection of music by a lyricist that has seemed to perfected his craft dabbling in both hip-hop and R&B.

     A total of 6 releases and still filling up a disc, Confession continues to push himself to his limits and the end result is an instant underground classic.


Hell Or High Water

1. Intro
2. Introduce Myself
3. Cameras Out
4. Bossy
5. Unbelievable
6. Throw it in the Bag
7. I'm Game Feat. TC
8. Grind (Remix)Feat. Kieng
9. Airplanes
10. Hustle For Feat. Keno
11. One of the Greatest Feat. Coach
12. Gettin It In
13. Tie Me Down
14. Hell or High Water
15. Sink This Deep Feat. Keno & Kieng
16. Roll On Through Feat. Coach
17. Do You Feat. Kieng
18. Video Games
19. Not Your Standby (Remix)
20. I'm Ready
Confession: Hell or High Water (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Hell Or High Water

     Hell or High Water is a 20-track audio display of how far Confession has come in developing his lyrical prowess. The collection boasts that smooth wordplay Confession is known for over several high profile instrumentals past and present. Reaching out for several collaborations from a few people in his corner to man-handle the beats like a lion tamer, Confession opens and closes the mixtape like a ringmaster on the excitement of opening day.

     Taking a different cue and rehashing previously released material, "Grind" and "Not Your Standby" are incredible remixes of Coach's take on music borrowed from the Sincerely Yours album. The new instrumentals add a different flavor to the original vocals that leave you licking your fingers as if you just finished a family bucket of KFC, extra crispy. On the other side of Coach's talent on the beats, he also lends some rapid-fire and sharp as a ginsu blade bars on "One of the Greatest" alongside Confession; who would want to be on the receiving end of that arsenal?

      "I'm Ready" is a seductive rhyme over an Alicia Keys track seemingly comparing his infatuation with music to the equal in a relationship. Confession's swagger is on 100 as Alicia's silky vocals ooze sex appeal over the closing track. The title seems more like it should have been an opener, but maybe it's a hint of things to come? We're listening.


Dirty Deeds

1. F U Feat. A-Fluent
2. Closure Feat. Minkis Bone & Richie Z
3. Black Vodka
4. Fire Feat. Coach
5. Hello Love
6. Bad
7. Habit
8. Dirty Deeds
9. Take It To The Head Feat. A-Fluent
10. Same Ol'
11. Villain
12. Quickie Feat. Kieng
13. They Don't Feat. Keno
14. Lotus Flower Bomb
15. Should've Known
16. Above Average Feat. Carmen
17. Cupid
18. Marvin's Room Feat. A-Fluent
19. Sail Feat. Coach
Confession: Dirty Deeds (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Dirty Deeds

     A mish-mash collection of unreleased & new material over some high profile mainstream, and some not-so-much, instrumentals, Dirty Deeds is a 19-track dive into what is to be expected from the several albums deep veteran. Even with a somewhat slowed output of audible ear candy, this mixtape is sure to bring back the fire you've been missing.

     Dirty Deeds brings in the usual suspects for the feature line-up on a few tracks, including "Take It To The Head" with A-Fluent, which is a slick as a porpoise revisit to the Chris Brown song. Confession's impressive delivery is effortless, and sounds as it should've been included on the original. Mid-verse, versatility is shown as he flips into a Bone Thuggish melodic flow that's sure to motivate listeners to throw under garments his direction.

     The song Cupid is an ode to the Roman deity and his apparent precise, or perhaps haphazard, aim with his weapon of choice. The hook immediately strikes you and sticks... like an arrow; one that you cannot remove from its point of contact. Even as some of the instrumentals are a little dated in terms of today's fickle music climate, the mixtape is a fresh take on the forgotten pieces. It's clear to see, the artist hasn't missed a beat.