Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: Suspicious
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] you’re accusing me of all the wrong things and uhh. . . I’ve done nothing wrong to you and theres no reason for you to be suspicious like that, ya know. . . . Hold on baby, lemme talk; I heard what you had to say now listen to me for a minute. . . .

There’s no easy way to say this, but hell why delay it
Lately I’ve been tired of the games you’re playing
Acting like you’re just too cute to shoot hoops
Who knew; you’re Nancy Sinatra with new boots
I never thought you’d sweat me like spiced foods; its cool
I too can act like its high school
When my cellphone rings you get quiet
Not polite, but like you’re tryna hear who’s on the other side of it
I’m tired of it; have I ever given a reason
Careful what you wish for; I could be holding a pitchfork
You’re a jigsaw; puzzled what I call you bitch for
Always tryna fish for another reason for dischord
I’m just torn; this relationship was never pisspoor
If its war, a battle with yourself is what you’re in for
You can talk until your lips sore; I’m not having it
You need to seek some anger management and take a laxative

Baby- (I don’t know what else to say it seems)
Lately- (I’ve just been feeling this way)
Its over- (I don’t know which to believe)
I don’t wanna be with you (thought you would change, but it seems that you’re still too suspicious of me)

Its not that you’re never sweet; its not that you do this every week
I just like you better if you’d never speak
Bred from a different pedigree; shoulda listened when they’re telling me
But your ass was like a melody
That you can’t help but hum; I yell for some serenity
But all you’ve offered back has been compelling me
To commit a felony; and its all over jealousy
You’re tryna make me out to be the enemy
When I’ve done nothing but provide necessity
I guess the rest of me’s a distant memory
Can be you’re insecure, but freshen it with pessimistic predicates
Maleficent embellishment; tryna kill the sentiment
That’s just as bad as smelling on me tryna get the scent of it
I like to think you’re more intelligent
Maybe I’m mistaken, baby, maybe I’m just negligent
Whatever the case, lets save face and just sever it


[talk] I might not always pick up my phone, but you better believe by the end of the night I’m laying there with you. . . Ya know, I love you to death but uhhhh. . . Honestly, I don’t know if I can deal with this anymore. . . .