Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: With Benfits
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Have you ever had one of them friends
When it begins it was like you never want it to end
And then, in front of everybody else you gotta pretend
That nothing’s going on; as soon as you’re hittin the bed
You pick your phone right up and whaddya know
She’s on the other line telling you she’s ready to go
So you step out fresh, scent of heavy cologne
Sending you home at a little under quarter to four
And it was all good
Do it like a little dog should
Only tell her what she needs to hear; you gotta keep it real
Cuz if she gets too close I’ll be leaving here
that’s just me; I’ll tell the truth, you can trust me
Never say you love me
Cuz I aint looking for relationships; I’ll end it quick
You’re just a friend with benefits.

How could this happen to me; I’m on the edge of defeat
Its got me runnin on E tryna flee; now I see
Get on my knee and I plea; can somebody help me please -----
Its getting too hard - friends with benefits one step too far

It got twisted; got drunk and slipped in
I splipped up; slacked on my pimpin
Little did I really know what I was risking
Pissed and got her waiting on her period and missed it
Now I’m sittin here; so many choices - I don’t know what to do or what to say
Got me lookin ‘round for some other way; got me thinking ‘bout runnin away
Can somebody help me
I’m sippin on this liquor knowing this aint healthy
I’m welting staring at the hand god dealt me
Hoping I play the right cards; so god help me

[cell rings]

[talk] hello. . . Ay, what’s wrong? Nah, ay, what’s wrong? What ha-? You okay? I mean, you- you talked to the doctor already? Oh my god. . . .I’m sorry. . . I’m. . . .I’m sorry. . . . . Shit. . . .


Pulse racing; the situation I’m faced with
Amazing however you take it
I’m breaking; hate to fake a smile
But I’m feeling caged in
And I don’t know how to tell you this
But I’ll probably go to hell for this
Maybe its selfishness
But I aint ready; I aint built for this (I aint ready; I aint built for this)
This situation isn’t cool, but we gotta move
And I guess we gotta do what we gotta do
I know that its gonna burn, but man, I gotta learn to stand
Don’t wanna hurt you, but under the circumstance