Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: Not Your Standby
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

We started off cool; cutting up frequently
Secretly; had you ditching your job just to meet with me
Them other dudes they could never compete with me
Seemingly a difference in the way that you speak to me
At first it was subtle; was trying not to linger on it
But something changed and I can’t put my finger on it
Its mighty strange, but I move in despite changes
Yet halfway I can’t translate your body language
What can I say; I’m drawn in, you’re quite fox
From your French manicure to your white sox
We had more than some fire; it was white hot
But now I get the cold shoulder like an ice box

I’m not your standby; I aint gonna standby
Waiting for a date and you’re telling another damn lie
I’m not your standby - I’m not your standby

Something is telling me its over and done
And I should know when to play my hand and know when to run
Its complicated; thinking over coke with some rum
Tryna decipher go with the heart, or go with the gut
Should I risk it; legitamate reason to be suspicious
Hard to believe when everything I see is inconsistent
And everything I read is a misprint
And every time I look in your eyes all I could see is the distance
I wish this void in between us could be a quick fix
But one person isn’t a party without a mistress
I don’t know how to say it any better
Maybe you’ll understand with this letter


Every time it’s clear that I’mma lose
When everything I hear is an excuse
Another reason why we can’t or shouldn’t appears to be a ruse
Or maybe it’s the fear to make a move; its cool
I’ve heard it long enough now for me to be a fool
To fall for it; heard all sorts for me to see its true
You tell me one thing and never see it through
So from me to you, its cool if I never see you soon
I understand distractions
But whenever the chance to act I dropped everything and do a backflip
And I could tell by your actions its passed tense
Got me on the sideline; now I’m