Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: Get It Knockin
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

First drink of the night and I am already buzzin
I guess that’s what I get for drinkin on an empty stomach
I’m ready and about to holler at miss - any woman
Penny a dozen; plenty so keep the henny coming
A southern spit and these women can’t get enough of it
She buzz a bit and she ready and willing to suck a. . .
Confession right outta me, slick, but this chick is on some other shit
Son of a bitch; she’s tippin back the bottle and she’s guzzling
Teeth show when I am prowling in beast mode
Freaks know I’m tryna score a point on a free throw
Having myself one hell of a first quarter
She see me and she’s hiking up her dress to make her skirt shorter

So pop the tops off and fill your cups up
It’s time to get drunk; we ‘bout to get it knockin
Until the cops come and shut the shit down
We’ll tear the place up; we ‘bout to get it knockin

I’m feelin better than I ever been
Like the police cuz everybody freeze when I’m steppin in
With a pimp lean tryna catch the win
Its all love across the board like you’re my next of kin
Tryna make it to the restroom down the hall
Mouthing off, but you can blame it on the alcohol
I’m sick of spittin; this liquor lowered my inhibitions
Thick or slim; it’s the principle that the lips are grinning
Lookin for the pick of the litter quick as a tick a minute
Mister make em spin on a pivot with a stick like a rivot
Its definitely getting outta hand
But we’re here to get it knockin until you do not know how to stand


Gimme a bottle of your best
Cuz I don’t want any alcoholic beverages that I drink and can’t feel in my chest
Gimme that fire like I swallowed a lighter; strong as a fighter
And striking with a bite like a viper
Pull an all nighter when I’m drinking with the eye of the tiger
I am a rider; party until the sun light the sky up and I perspire
Got me ready to blow like a time bomb
Looking for somebody to grind on
And baby got me sweating like she’s ready; I could tell by her sly tone
Lookin at me like she wants me to drive home
But I’m in no condition; especially when we’re in a no fly zone
I’m gone; ‘bout to throw her the mile long when I hear her say