Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: Drinkin And Textin
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

I’m feeling fresh from elbows to the shell toes
Got me searching for my cellphone; what the hell holmes
I’m sittin drinkin; thinking to myself over the weekend
You know how that liquor got you quick to get off and creepin
Staring at my cellphone; take a deep breath
I hesitate cuz its late and you need rest
I probably shouldn’t even be sending you these texts
Its bad enough I should have em up in my presets
If I had to call it it’s the alcoholic reflex
From trying to speed text to making you scream ‘yes’
I am waiting for the quick reply
If you saw the contact picture you’d see why

I’m just sittin here drinkin and texting
A few things I wanted to mention
I hope you receive the message
Cuz I’m feling good tonight

I’m just sittin here drinkin and texting
I’ve got a little confession
I’m tryna get you over this second
Cuz I’m feeling good tonight

Got me flippin through my contacts just to see who will respond back
Kick it on back; sippin on Jack
A little liquid courage got me feeling super man
Like I’m Superman; I’m here to help and lend you a hand
Honestly its because your body astonished me
Pardon my French, but you’re a bad bitch and this is hard for me
No pun intended; lemme send my apology
I’m usually not this forward; you bring it outta me
Its gotta be something in the oxygen knocking me
Off of my feet, probably; come if you wanna follow me
I’m just tryna get you over to my neck of the woods
Heck, if I could I’d be feeling so good


I got the urge to holler the words
That’ll either get me in trouble or outta my shirt
Cuz I am tryna get you outta your skirt; I am a flirt
I could smooth talk a farmer into buying some dirt
Come by to chill with me; maybe later I could test my ability
For making you comfortable enough to let fly your inner freak
Liquor got me spittin from the left side of chivalry
Literally, sending me pictures from the neck high is killin me
Press your ear to whatever I mention here
The text appears to state my intention clear
I’m just waiting for reciprocation; pinch of a taste
With a kiss on the lips I’mma get you wasted; here’s the situation