Album: Sincerely Yours
Track: Go Through Things
Artist(s): Confession, Coach
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Hook [Coach]
Just cuz you think you know me
Don’t mean you know about me
I’ve seen a lot of things that
No one should ever see

(Sometimes we-
Go through things we cant handle
Those times we-
Face defeat we reign champions)

Verse1 [Confession]:
Just cuz you see me with a smile on that does not mean
I’m blessed enough to not go through things
I could sit here and mug, but that’s just not me
So when the smoke clears all I do is dust off jeans
See, its all in how you carry yourself; Embarrassed and bury yourself
In prescription bottles; its scary as hell
I got friends, but no ones really there; I can tell
So I write it down, record, and let my stereo yell
That’s just for myself to help when fighting these inner battles
Its like I’m in a battle unarmed like a sittin statue
And these inner demons are eating while I’m sittin screamin inside
Need a release before they eat me alive
It’s kinda got me seeing red like I bleed in my eye
But that’s on the inside, so all you see is a smile
Another friend passed; my alcoholic ass thirst heavily
I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy


Verse2 [Coach]:
I’ve seen a lot of things; mothers crying, bodies lying
Shots flying through the night and sounds of sirens
To some that’s exciting; these eyes can’t flinch from the frightening
I only clinch when I’m writing; I put in my heart and my timing
While ya’ll just say it to rhyme it;
I paint a picture in silence when you could just imagine the violence
What you know about living with nine lives
This cat should’ve died nine times; you only live one life
I’m sharing my deepest secrets hope your hearing my pain
As tears smudge the ink the page
Put my past in its place; not pointing fingers cause no ones to blame
They say life’s a game too many don’t play
So I wait; entertain my blank page and scrape the slate
While I balance the weight of my last days
Just trying to maintain; riding this wave
Without going insane