Album: Project X
Track: Why U Hatin
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

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Is it my fault that I’m breakin em off
Maybe the broads got you hatin me daily just cuz they aint in your car
I’m a dog when this war gets raw; want me to fall
But its just like a bike when I handle bars
Fuck a friendship; do what I do and then spit
No love lost cuz there was no love to begin with
You’re worried bout the clothes and the hoes that I been with
Stay off my goddamn dick
It must be the flu season; I’m that sick
These days you cant show a blind man shit
Promise of a dollar when you sign that slip
You’re a fool for thinking that you’ll get a dime that quick
Cant explain why I act this way; let you bastards hate
A knockout like Cassius Clay; till I pass away
Seen more green than St. Patrick’s Day
You can laugh all I have to say is. . .

Get crunk if you want too, buck, what you gon’ do
Aint nothing cuz my homies got it locked fool
Lemme see you get crunk; lemme see you get buck
Lemme see you start something; lemme see you throw it up

Don’t compare what I got over here with what you got over there
I really don’t even care; lets get it perfectly clear
Focus on your own hustle
Notice on your own that the money’s bogus if you don’t struggle
What you didn’t see was buried very deep within me
I’m prevailin through hell, pain, and misery
Pissed at me; talkin shit and needing Listerine
Got my grind on now I shine like mister clean
Madd at it cuz I have what you want but you cant have it
With no boss doublecrosses and backstabbin
So you fiend for my green like a crack addict
Holla at ya boi cuz I’m back at it
Paid my dues in the school of hard knocks
Where trust aint nothing but a soft spot
Speak on it till I’m hoarse and need a cough drop
And my breathless chest is at rest and heart stop.