Album: Project X
Track: Ex Bitch
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] I’m still bringin it back. . . Fuckin ridiculous right now. . . I never thought shit would be so fire, boi, I should’ve did this a long motha fuckin time ago. . . Better believe that shit. . . Confession! This ones pretty self explanatory. . Haha. . . Yea. . . .

This is for my ex bitches (ex bitches)

Its been a long time since I peeped your face
But I told you I’d retaliate, so keep the faith
Sweet to say that this nigga heat the place
Since I left your punk ass cold, beat the chase
Lemme plead the case; I don’t miss you one bit
Stupid ass bitch always fucked with the dumb shit
Run quick when a nigga had the one hit
Come sip when a nigga pop the numb shit
Fuck that, pigeon ass, hoe, hoodrat
I cant begin to think of shit you were good at
Besides suckin dick; who you think you fuckin with
This rough nigga aint about to get stuck in shit
We got drunk, fucked, even smoked bud too
But theres a huge line between us; I don’t love you
Push me, I’ll shove you; claimin you a thug too
Bitch, cross the line and I’mma slug you
Put all above you; might be an adolescent
But the realest nigga in this game is Confession
My Wesson will teach your bitch ass a lesson
So I suggest a vest unless you don’t want protection


Bitch is ruthless, squab it out, I’ll leave you toothless
Tryna play a nigga too; gotta be foolish
Fool, lets do this; I wont hit a woman but I’ll beat a bitch
Confront me, but don’t make my heater finger twitch
I know where you stay and who you hang with and what you’re sayin
Bitch, I’ll come through for you with no delayin
Parlaying; you better think twice before playin
Or get chopped up, cut, body decayin
Don’t like hoes, me and you, we used to pipe those
Get drunk and blunted whenever the night close
True, we had some real times, but we used to fight most
You fuckin pigeon go find a motha fuckin light post
Light smoke from a nigga takin the right toke
I hope you choke on a fat dick in your tight throat
Accusing me of shit, sayin who was I fuckin
Bitch, that goes both ways, who’s dick was you suckin
On the real hoe, how’d we hook up in the first
I had to be drunk, shit, cuz now lookin at your face hurts
When you see me rollin, swollen in my Lexus
Know this shit is dedicated to them bitch exes


[talk] This is old. . . Aint directed at anybody in particular, I don’t want anybody to get booty hurt. . . You know I still love you. . . . Hhahahahahaha. . . I’m a damn fool. . .