Album: Project X
Track: Sexy Lady
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yea, uh huh. . . Confession. . . . C’mon. . . .

Get your lean on shawty, bring it back; ho! (x4)

Hey sexy lady
It was nice to know
But I gotta move -on

It was nice to know ya
Now I gotta move on, this life is over
Your touch lukewarm and the nights were colder
Somehow got worse when the fight was over
No make up, just break up
No tear drops fall from bawlin, you’ll smear your make up
Say what? Nah, its okay, but
You on top is the ONLY time I came up
Send me back a message
I gotta hang up due to bad reception
Will I respond back, that’s the question
If you’d loosen up your grip we wouldn’t have this tension
Its time for me to make my escape and get the fuck on
The loves gone, I’ll no longer be there when you come home
And if you see me there
I’m only tryna put this song in your CD player.


Nice to know ya. . . . Nah, it was nice to know me
Could even get a dike to blow me
It seems every fight was phony
Every time I turn around you’re like a homie
Best friends to the death bed
But right now I feel you’re the diseases in sex ed
Breastfed milk laced with paint chips
To leave’s not hard like pussy on gay dick
There is an air about me
Like bad gas keep your ass clear from ‘round me
And I aint even tryna sound mean
But now it seems I’m the bigger man like Yao Ming
You went from a pack of sweet & low to sour cream
No more, hey there, how you doin, how are things
Steamed like a shower scene, why’d I do this song
Take a look and listen to the hook, I’m movin on.


[talk] it was nice to know me, you better believe that. . . Haha. . . . You a crazy bitch. . .