Album: Project X
Track: If I Asked You
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] there’s just been a few things weighin heavy on my mind. . . I’m tryna understand the situation. . Its just uhhhh. . . Its just complicated right now you know. . . So hopefully you can clarify some things for me. .

If I asked you to run would you come with me
Could you comfort me in my time of need
If I asked you to hustle would you ball with me
It’s the dogg in me, but its all for you (x2)

In a fit of my passion, I took my life and split it in half
Doin for me as well as for you and its kickin my ass
Its give and take, but I feel you’re fake; fixin to laugh
Asking me to be your future, but you live in your past
Tell me whats up with that? Would you quit with the crap?
If this was Smackdown, baby, you’d be kissin the mat
You took a piece of me and there aint no givin it back
Started trippin on me, so I started trippin to match
But I’m bigger than that; the deal has gotten
To the point where another might steal your spot
I’m still tryna figure out if you’re real or not
I bet heaven never knew hell could feel this hot
Damn, would you be telling me the truth if I asked you
Are you in search of my heart or just my cashew
Or maybe just friends, its hard to swallow though
I gotta know, baby, tell me; I gotta know.


This aint a threat of no sort, I just wanna know
If you come forth and gimme the time of day, is the sun gonna show
Well if not, I still seen you shine without the diamonds on
And every time you speak you seduce me with your siren song
If you want you could ride along
But I got a list a mile long full of complications that piled on
And that’s enough to ring my alarm
Pop my brakes, flip a bitch, hit the gas and I’mma drive you home
Its little gestures that make me crazy
Maybe you aint the same lady; paid and changing
It don’t phase me, you understanding this face
Cuz you’re expendable, sad, but my right hand could replace ya
And that’s the truth, no realer than this
Sealed with a kiss, dismissed if you feel it’s a myth
So spit it out without hesitation when I ask you
Are you down or do I treat you like a blunt and pass you?


Situation on sticky, palms covered in sweat
Was it the pretty face or did I fall in love with the sex
We fit together, both a couple of wrecks
But every time I confront ya you mumble under your breath
I jumped in with both feet
Shoulda listen when my momma told me; where there’s a female trouble follows closely
But you smell so good when you approach me;
But you smell so good when you approach me;
You’re the candy for my sweet tooth
But the way you front in front of people, boo, is just evil
You’re more contagious than measels
But no longer am I bendin over backwards to please you
Your brain aint see through, I cant read you
And still your dark days increasing my heart rate
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
I’mma ask you something lemme know if its all great
Or are you gonna dog me.


[talk] Confession. . . The Moment of Truth Available Now. . . Loose Ends comin real soon. . . (Project X)