Album: Project X
Track: Set It Off
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yo M12, I’mma take em back with this one. . . Haha. . .

I’mma damage ya, you aint nothing but an amateur
Paycheck came, you’re making less than your manager
Moochin off peoples’ shit like a scavenger
But you cant blaze tracks to pass my parameter
I’ll battle ya, leave you in disbelief
Of how and adolescent rocks the m.I.c
On top now, even make the five oh drop down
I can turn oil and water into a compound
Its like that, don’t take a genius to write rap
It aint food, tell me why you wanna bite that
I’ll blind ya with thoughts that I might pack
Ransom it off for a plaque for your sight back
Thug born in the home of the cajun
Smoke so much I’m startin to look a little Asian
No play and you claim that you’re blazin
While I’m being played every city, every nation
So your hard, but Im an ace, so have respect
Cuz while I’m full, you’re only dealin with half the deck
Say what you gotta say it don’t bother me
Cuz you don’t equal to a fraction of what I’mma be
By the time this shit is done you’ll wanna follow me
But its tough to explain like geometry
It aint just a game to play like monopoly
Its life to a dog with a prophecy
Top notch creator, whole crowd captivator
Having niggas wild out like I was the invader
Fabricator, I hold it down like an anchor
Hard corest motha fucka and I aint even a gangsta
Take a peek look at the man in the mirror
Pull the wool from your eyes so you can see a little clearer
Leave you in terror, came from up out the blue
To let the whole world see what I’m about to do
The word is out, fuck what you heard about
A little nigga that was born in the dirty south
Moved out west, now I turn it out
Any wide spread rumor gotta learn to doubt
I aint gone, nor will I ever be
Just a memory that’ll leave you thinking heavily
Even if I was I’d return like Tupac’s remember me
Rockin shows from Orlando to Beverly
Clench the pump, dump on people that envy me
Downin my hennesy, frontin treatin me respectfully
Its all opposed, knowing that I got the cash flows
Want my cars, clothes, money and my fast hoes
You’re plastic and Im hot like some acid
Too hot for T.V. cuz my contents graphic
Suicidal, maybe even psychopathic
But fuck worldwide, I wanna take this galactic
The M.D. and I see its ferocious
Lyrical inclination was your diagnosis
From a mishap, an incident
Sorry playa but there really aint no fixin it
Theres no antidotes, no known cures or potions
Transfusions, medicines, or lotions
You could bug out cuz its cause for commotion
Failed to meet the quota, now I get your promotion
Speakin in my own, now lemme see you recite that
Bite me, but know this dog’ll bite back
Much harder so think before you tru to take mine
Cuz I’ll cut you with my paws, pierce your flesh with my canines
Outlawed and I’m known to get my G on
In the backyard with my doggs breathin freon
Soon to be legend, newborn classic
Understanding me is frustratin like heavy traffic
Or tryna teach an old dogg a new habit
Give me a piece of shit, fa sho I’ll autograph it
Gold, platinum, diamond; I’m bout to get it all
Till then I’mm show yall how I set it off.