Album: Project X
Track: Away From Here
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yo. . . This is on some real shit. . . . Complicated situations. . .its sad that it had to come to this but. . .you ever feel like you just gotta get away (gotta get outta there). . . To better yourself. . . . Take yourself outta that situation. . .

I gotta let you go away
I gotta get you outta mind
Listen when you hear me say
Its only a matter of time
And as I stand here
I cant understand how it
Took this long to be clear
That I can’t stay here any more

I gotta get away from here
Sometimes I question why I stay
I gotta get away from here
I gotta bury my heart in the grave

I don’t know what to say
Just the look on your face
Is telling me its time to go
Its time for me to hit the road
So let me pack my case
And get the fuck out of this place
Its time for me to hit the road
I don’t wanna be here any more


[talk] I don’t really consider myself a singer. . . Something about this beat made me wanna sing. . . So that’s what the fuck I did. . . . Either you feel it or you don’t, ya know, it don’t really matter to me. . . .this is therapy. . . I’m sayin. . . . Confession: The Moment of Truth available now for digital downloads. . . . Loose Ends comin soon. . . . Be on the look out. . . My time is comin, believe me. . . Holla @ cha boi. . . . Look me up on MySpace. . . . . . . . Hit me up. . . . peace