Album: Project X
Track: Dear Jason
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] ya know what. . . Some people say. . . That if you hold on the past too long. . . Its gonna spoil your future, but uhhh. . . . You’re always gonna be a part of me homeboi. . . Yea . . . Whenever I look up to the sky and I see the sun rays shine through. . . I just get this feelin that you’re watching over me. . . . Yea. . . .

Dogg, words cant express, but sanity is just a theory
I’m growin weary of living so far, yet, you’re near me
In the heart, wishing you were here tonight
But you’re gone and I’mma have to say a prayer tonight
In rememberance, lemme talk to you soldier to soldier
I replayed that day you died in mind over and over
But it never changes, nothing in life could clear it
And it hurts more when people say they’re sorry to hear it
I know you’re flyin with the angles, strange how you were taken
18 aint the age, lord, you gotta be mistaken
For takin my dogg prematurely out the game
Aint nothing more that I could do, but try to cope with the pain
Hopin the rain’ll let up, but it just keeps pourin
I pray the next day I’ll see your face in the morning
And still you’re remembered from the flesh to bone
Its true, you never notice what you got till its gone.

[talk] a little remix to the original track. . . I still remember that day. . . That shit was hard, man. . . .I don’t even know how to explain it if you haven’t been through it. . . . I also wanna dedicate this to my boi. . . Russell. . . I aint forgot you homie. . . Yea. . . .

Steady strumming my pain, no pleasure left for this game
Cuz now that your gone aint nothing gonna be the same
I can’t begin to explain all the emotions runnin through me
So I lay tracks for memories cuz I love you truly
And when I heard the news, it was a doozy
A little taste of hell or a part of heaven’s movie
Laying flowers on your restin place
Aint lookin forward cuz I’m reminiscing and missin on yesterday
So many things left to say, dogg, I really miss ya
And picture the memories written up in the scripture
Like a thousand knives through the heart, light to dark
Partners in crime, but we’re dyin apart
So heres a plea to the world, stop the hate
Before another loved one falls victim and cant escape
I’m wit ya, in ghetto heaven save me a seat
My adolescent theories’ for you to rest in peace; dear Jason. . . .

[talk] it’s a hard thing to have to go through, but uhhh. . . Always know that they’re lookin down on you smiling. . . I cant shed no more tears. . . .I just gotta smile for the years. . . That you were here. . . . We gotta live for them. . . Time is short. . . . Live it up. . . .