Album: Project X
Track: Holla When U See Me
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] Now what I need ya’ll to do for me. . . Is when you see me on the street you better holla my motha fuckin name. . . . . CONFESSION!!

Poetic prophecy, periodical profit of pimps
Shaking the world like earthquakes, nobody’s stopping this limp
As I commence to make your neck break, its larger than life
But the dogg’s getting anxious and he’s starting to bite
Everything in sight except for the hand that feeds me
I’m invisible to assholes so holla when you see me
Forget fun, I only play for keeps
Duck the fuck out the kitchen if you’re afraid of heat
Cuz this automatic mind wasn’t made to be played with
Double cross its trouble dogg, like brushfires get sprayed quick
I stay equipped since 96, formulas stormin ya
Informed that when its hot, my words will start warmin ya
I’m warnin ya, cause for alarm cuz bitch was born in ya
Methodical murderer, acid burns, call the coroner
Certified and still the greatest, any contest
that’s bitin off enough to swallow but too much to digest; so holla

You better holla when you see me. . . . Confession
Up in the club or on the freeway. . . . . .Confession
Who’s makin hot shit every day. . . . . . Confession
But this pimpin aint easy, dogg believe me.

Aint sayin I’m love sick, maybe I’m sick of love
Tired of tryna find a reason why chickens cluck
I please hoes cuz they have no need for one minute thugs
So I take a solid minute and a half to rip it up (ha ha)
No kissin butts cuz your booty aint big enough
Why you actin like you’re packin back with that little stuff
Put them kindergarten, Dr Seuss, piss riddles up
Lower your thumb, index, ring and pinky, leave the middles up
Its long time no see cuz not a person was searchin
I suppose you couldn’t see through the bud smoke curtain
But its ok, it gave me time to get the workin
The beats were so sexy that my lyrics started flirtin
Became one on the first date, now that’s playa
Recognition now and you’ll get the cash later
So 9 months passed was livin happily
And what was born is before you, a masterpiece; for real


[talk] yo, I keep tryna tell ya’ll. . . (project x). . . this album is fuckin ridiculous. . . Ya gotta get that Moment of Truth. . . You gotta get that Loose Ends. . . Its like my 6th. . . 7th. . . 8th album. . . I don’t even fuckin know, I lost count. . .I just keep goin and goin no matter what the fuck , man, I’m like the energizer motha fuckin bunny nigga. . . Take my battery out and see what the fuck happens. . . Haha. . .