Album: Project X
Track: My Doggs
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] Project X! Guess who’s back in the building baby. Back in the booth doing this again one more motha fuckin time, yea! For my motha fuckin doggs nigga. For my doggs nigga….. This for my doggs nigga. . . . C’mon!

Where my thugs at, niggas that’s ready to bust back
Plus pack a gat, no fellas to cuss at
Trust that they got my back and cock a strap
Down to ride for me, go and clock a cat
Though I drop a track my ego aint getting bigger
Always gonna be true, forever stay a real nigga
If I ball, homie, fa sho, you’re gonna ball too
I call you, and hope all the deals fall through
Supplying the herbs when bitches be workin my nerves
Cuz drama from them vicious pigeons no nigga deserves
We ride and cruise, homie know I’d die for you
And when its time to choose, I’ll go and ride for you
Never hide the blues, help me I’ll help you
I’ll stick around for you, dogg, in whatever you go through
Gimme a holla nigga, just like I told ya
And I’ll come through quick, cuz ur a down ass soldier.

For my doggs, niggas that’s been down through it all
Wether riches or bitches always around when I call
Whenever a time of need, my niggas always came through
The game is true, so know I’d do the same for you (x2)

Inform me of snitches and bitches after my riches
And haters just asking to be sleepin with the fishes
Wont let the game phase me, nigga, you must be crazy
Lately, seeing how far this shit’ll take me
Make me or break me, homies last a lifetime
Fuck tight rhymes, niggas true till the fight dies
Come light mine, high till I die- head to the sky
Cuz with my homies behind me I’mma get by
In time of war my niggas roll out the tank
In time of stress my thugs roll up the dank
Not givin a fuck, us, we hittin em up
Splittin em up, thug life living it up
True to the game, so take aim to the brain
Do a favor for me, and for you I’ll do the same
Wether wrong or right, know its on tonight
Real forever nigga, cuz we doggs for life. (Project X!)


Ready grippin, my niggas steady henny sippin
Never trippin on thugs with dubs and heavy women
My 3 time felons, straps and dime sellin
Can confide in me and know cuz I’m the only one they’re telling
In life of sin homies is tight to win
Life begins only with the likes of friends
Sweet to creep, never weak to cheat
Deep, unique, my doggs settle beef with heat
When I reach the peak everybody wanna roll too
I told you, only true in my whole crew
We’ll fold you cuz my niggas is quick to pull it
Rollin with gats with your names up on the bullet
Iced out, madd sheist, the heist goin nice till your life’s out
My niggas’ll put your lights out
Twisted, all of my soldiers gifted
Lyrically kill for thrill, real till I’m lifted. (Project X!)


[talk] for my doggs, where you at?? Where you at?! Yea! This mixtape maddness, project X. . .