Album: Pen Bleed
Track: It's Been Long
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] oh shhhhit. . . . What up. . . How’s everybody doin tonight? I love you too, man. . . I love you too. . . This is incredible, man. . This is incredible. . . I never thought I’d get this far. . . But here I am. . . Thanks to everybody out there. . . Here I am. . .

Lets see, now I been at it 13 years
And I have lived, shit and breathed worst seen fears
I’ve had my ups and downs; ins and outs, but I aint ever quit
That’s a word that I aint on the level with
I do this for the same reason you listen for the hell of it
There’s elements that bring us all together when we’re separate
Retirement, shit, I don’t rap for the benefits
I benefit from living; written inside my penmanship
Ya’ll show me love and I appreciate the sentiment
So let me show it back and let you know its relavant
I gotta do this songs right; if do means all night
Its like I got a new lease on life
I’ve seen great things that come with the territory
But I’m just an ordinary man with a pair of stories
I used to tell it to whoever I would kick it with
The ‘I’ll be bigger than. .’ talk, but now I’m really living it
I’m catching downloads on different continents
From Asia to Europe; the movement’s getting monstrous
I picture em rollin, windows low when they’re rockin this
This shoot, this Confession dude’s the hottest shit
With the haters on the left side knocking this
Complaining that I took a Jeezy beat on top of it
Yet, I got your attention like drinks to college kids
Honest is; admit you love it cousin cuz your momma did

Its been long and I aint giving up
I’m still strong and I aint giving up (x4)

I never really thought I’d get this far but
I crawled up in small strut, maybe its all luck
I’m like a can of planters, all nuts
Women get starstruck and think about giving their draws up
When the rest get knocked down I fall up
Teeth grit and each fist gets balled up
Its more demandable that I react like a cornered animal
I shit emcee, I’m sorta cannibal
Too occupied with your fresh cut sticky
I guess its understandable but catch up quickly
What I gotta do to get a standing O
From every candy ho, Larry, Curly, Manny Mo
From Loose Ends to Moment of Truth
Four albums out before I even opened a booth
Now that’s dedication, patient, hoping for truth
Till I got a phone call from a rep that was Snoop’s
they told me - he heard my demo and he thought it was flawless
Then I - lost it, finally I felt I’m acknowledged
But it - never went through and I was left in the garbage
Still I - felt the encouragement to grow as an artist
And here I stand on my own two
I’m my own man walking in my own shoes
From the roar of the crowd is a blunt force
You love me and I love you for it


[talk] I just wanna thank everybody for their continued support. . . All the way back from when I first started, when I first dropped that album. . . I still got that first. . . Five dollar bill I ever made from it. . . I still remember the dude that bought my album, ya know, that was big to me back then. . . I appreciate every one of you people, you know what I‘m sayin. . . I wish I could show the love that you showed me directly back to each and every one of you. . . If perfecting my craft is the way to do it . . . then I’mma do it for you. . . You love me and I love you for it. . . Yea. . . Thank you. . . Thank you. . . Thank you. . . . . . Thank you. . . . Confession! Goodnight. . . .