Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Pen Bleed
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Yo, I’m feelin the pressure of tryna measure up
Against my better judgement I’da given up
I’m out here on a hustle tryna get a buck
Sick as fuck watching dude in my size shoes live it up
But - appreciating half of what he’s got and given
Without light to get the rocks to glisten
There’s a message; sometimes you gotta stop to listen
Cuz some people go through life without a pot to pissin
Wishing for better days till they feel they could choke
In hopes problems could blow away like cigarette smoke; ya know
I shine like a lighter, but I burn as much
Wouldn’t consider you concerned with such
So I write till I can’t no more
And its hard to mumble and this carpel tunnel got my hands all sore
Tryna figure how to turn ten dollars to ten g’s
Never let em see me sweat; so I let my pen bleed

Tryna turn ten dollas to ten g’s
Never let em see me sweat; so I let my pen bleed
Its like I’m riding on empty
But I’ll never let em see me sweat; so I let my pen bleed

(get away) From the negativity
Surround yourself with positive people; feed off the energy
But lately I find it hard to remedy
Soft and mentally hard; that we all pretend to be
Its cause for penalty; yall have said
That I’m outta reach like an assassin tryna off a Kennedy
I think this situation calls for hennesy
Whenever; wether we don’t or find or find God’s serenity
I often picture how will ya’ll remember me
In memory as we pray for a fallen friend to me
Can it be that its just not in the cards to better me
Sometimes I feel life’s a hundred yards ahead of me
Maybe its just beyond a remedy
But if I don’t stand for something I may fall for anything
Its like I’m riding on empty
Never let em see me sweat; so I let my pen bleed


[talk] I had some people ask me what. . . What pen bleed meant. . . Its kinda like a situation that. . . You know. . . Ultimately everybody’s out for theirself. . . When I’m in pain who’s gonna be in pain for me. . . You know, it aint easy for me to talk about my feelings and all that extra bullshit. . . You know what I’m sayin; I aint that type of dude so. . . You know, when I’m hurt. . . When I’m goin through some shit. . . I pick up my pen. . . And I let my pen bleed. . . And that’s the definition to me. . . My pen is always there to speak. . . And my pad is always there to listen. . . . And that’s the definition of pen bleed.