Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Come On
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] uh oh. . . Pen Bleed. . . You know what it is. . . Confession. . . Pen Bleed. . . . I’m. . . . haha. . . You thought I was gonna start right there right? Nahh man. . . I’m lovin this beat. . . Fuck it. . . Here we go. . .

Whenever I’m spittin, man, forget it
It took me a minute, but now I’m back and with the look of a menace
And its no wonder why I make all of these bitches flip an eyelash
Quick as a mile dash; sick as triple bypass
And sprinting five laps, smoking nickel - dime bags
While I am single handedly tryna bring rhyme back
I walk a blind path; spit visual IMAX
I’m talkin warfare; test missle my ass
I gotta get this off my chest
Big in my own mind like Dolly Pardon’s breast
Its art, but with the lack of an artist’s check
I’m still hungry and for this shit I’d starve to death
You’re such a diva
While what I spit is nothing but some ether
As safe as watching a sex offender become a teacher
Chasing the wood like a couple beavers
Extended length like a double feature, so she wants my jungle fever. . .

Come on with it (You want it?) (x4)
Come on with it (Come get it) (x4)

I am the equivalent of some Ritalin-filled
Ignorant-skilled murderers cuz I’m killin it
Call me braile if you’re feeling this; lyrical militants
Fresh as a dinner mint; hard enough for rippin your ligaments
I am a gentleman with asshole tendencies
I can backstroke seven seas
It’s a fact that your ass wont ever be
Able to rap even if it was the last known remedy
I got a cure for the haterism; make em listen
To something with substance that might put a little greatness up in em
You’re standing up to a cobra when he’s spraying his venom
That’s like a winner giving in to a haters opinion
The strenuous art of blessin the charts
Is like summertime in AZ dressed in a parka
I - wouldn’t look at your face unless it was darker
I’m - gone like the mole on Sarah Jessica Parker; peace. . .


[talk] that’s how it goes down on this Pen Bleed mixtape. . . if you aint know you better ask somebody cuz somebody around this motha fucka better know something. . . Man. . Its been so ridiculous right now, man, I wrote like . . . I wrote half this mixtape in the last week, man, it just. . . That shit just kept coming to me. . . You know when. . .when you’re . . . when you’re in this business and. . .and you’re on fire, you just gotta keep writing. . . When that shit comes you just gotta fuckin write. . . Regardless of what you’re doing; you gotta drop it and you gotta write. . . Because you never know. . When this shit could just like. . . Disappear; you know what I’m sayin? When you get that writer’s block its just so. . . So fuckin frustrating. You don’t know what to do - you can sit there. . . And sit there and stare at the paper and aint shit coming out. . . Sometimes you know. . . It just, it just gets difficult like that. . . So. . . So when you’re on a role you better keep that role goin. . . This is one of them things that just. . . Just comes together like magic; you know what I’m sayin. . . So uhh. . . We’re gonna keep this thing moving. . . Pen Bleed . . . The Moment of Truth. . . Loose Ends. . . The Movie Music Movement. . . Its all out now. . . You can get them. . . Look on my myspace. . . . . . I got uhhh. . . Sincerely Yours droppin real soon. . . Coach: Journey 2 Self Reflection. . . Line Change mixtape. . . it’s all out. . . go get you some. . .