Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Fire Back
Artist(s): Confession, Coach
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] lemme address something real quick. . . . Yo. . . It is what it is. . .

Verse1 [Confession]:
If I scream outloud would you hear me
Cuz I’ve been tryna tell you for days that I’m weary
And clearly, you don’t give a damn to be near me
I plea please rescue me like Dennis Leary
I’m serious as T.I. but lemme rewind
Cuz I ain’t been one for games since I was knee high
I see why it always failed whenever we tried
You never let anybody close like a beehive
Lionel said you were twice the lady
But why are you so cold and isolated
Like night and day; light to shady
I miss the old you, I don’t like this lady
Its all good, you don’t have to lie
Was gonna call, but lost track of time
Before you knew it life passed you by
Didn’t even get a last goodbye

I don’t even know how I let it get to me
I was gonna fire back, but I don’t have the enegery
Got me biting my tongue; just let it be
I was gonna fire back, but I don’t have the enegery

Verse2 [Coach]:
The biggest part of you, but the thought of you
To be honest, confuses me
I tried to know you, I tried to be close enough to hold you
But the stories grow old and I had to fold the page
Saying one day we can be family again; it hurt more then mine
Finally, I got to spill those beans saying lean on me
I could come to you for peace though you could never fill that piece
Piece of mind that I would be just like everyone else
I didn’t want no hand me downs I just wanted you to be proud
And hear your voice out loud in my presence
I wanted more the presents or letters, t shirts or sweaters
I expected you on the drop of a feather to take any measure
And it’d be your pleasure; instead you could never measure up
So I must confess, I wrote you off like a voided check; I avoid your steps
Your attempts to reconnect, the violin that should play your innocence
Looking back, I was just a kid, but now the way I see it, were just different


[talk] I’m sayin; I do not have the energy to come at you. . . Its not worth my time to. . . Put a complete song to; you know what I’m sayin. . . . Its like. . . What is talkin shit gonna get me? Its gonna get me to the same place I’m at right now. . . And ya know what, frankly. . . To be honest with ya. . . I don’t even know how I let it get to me but. . . But I don’t give a fuck. . . And that’s on record. . .