Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Workin With A Monster
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] ayyyy, ayyyy. . . You see that girl right there. . . Oh shit, you see that ass right there? Uh oh, you hear that? Daaaaaamn. . .
Ayy Tony Carolina, we got em again man. . . Please believe it. . . . They’re ringing the alarm on this one, you hear it? That ass is just like. . . Its like Godzilla. . . Godzilla on the back of that ass. . . Imma put that ass to sleep!

Tell me what I gotta do to get you outta them jeans
Honest to Jesus, how do them jeans fit
Cuz I’m surprised I’m not seeing the seams rip
With the way you’re shaking, I’m faint and I’m feelin seasick
I’m tryna get some Nyquil passed them cheeks
Cuz I wanna put that ass to sleep
Polite in public but she’s a mattress freak
At least I hope so; I brought my lucky rabbit’s feet
Somebody better ring the alarm
Should I approach her with a rap or should I sing her a song
When I give her the long I’mma have her singing along
Besides tattoos she’ll be the only thing on my arm
As luck would be she came up to me
And got close enough to wanna lemme touch them jeans
I’m just tryna keep it down like a submarine
But she beat me to the punch (ooowwweeee!); she’s workin with a monster

I love the way she jiggle and pop up; don’t stop her
Baby girl is workin with a monster
She work it like she’s tryna get knocked up; don’t stop her
Baby girl is workin with a monster

She’s excited like she’s sittin at a loose slot
Pullin on my stick like she’s waiting for a jackpot
Not much for conversation, but she’s damn hot
That ass is a bullseye (POW) and I’m a crackshot
I cant stop; I wanna sink my teeth to it
While she’s tryna ger her hands on my g unit
I got a hotel paid for the weeks room and board
But all I could afford was a suite, so uhhhh
Bring your fine self and that thing you call an ass
It brings new meaning to the phrase ’haulin ass’
Lemme take a few pounds off your hands
I’m surprised you aint fallin back
My god, your posture is incredible as shit ma’am
I bet you could use that ass for a kickstand
I salivate cuz your activating my spit glands
Ask me about her and all I could say was this man


[talk] excuse me miss. . . Whats your name. . . . hahaha. . . Confession. . . Another Tony Carolina production. . . . Yea. . . . Ayyy man, I gotta say you make nothing but that fire boi; keep it coming. . . . They’re gon’ bang this one. . . .