Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Gunz On Both Sides
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

On the grill of my lowrider; guns on both sides
Guns on, guns on both sides; guns on, guns on both sides

[talk] you know what it is. . . Its ya boi. . . Confession. . . . Had to come in here and do this one more time. . . . Had to give it to em. . . Loose Ends coming soon. . . Be on the look out. . .

I asked em if they’re ready; they don’t even know
I gotta write my shit in braile so they could see my flow
I’m sick as a dogg that piss in the hall
Don’t want it to drag, so I grab my dick and my balls
I got swag; more than enough with just half
I bust back and slap off your Mario mustache
Y’aintknow; the one that’s as cool as a Kangol
Cuz Im out for the Yen, the Euros and Pesos
Till I cant breathe, stomp on the mic like a stampede
Call me Bluetooth; knockin em out, but hands free
Lyrically the equivalent of a grand prix
Foot to the floor; quick on the draw, call me Stan Lee
Proceed with caution
You’re steppin on my dick, ma’am, please get off it
You should praise jesus often
Thank god I don’t slap the facial features off ya


[talk] I’m telling you its fuckin ridiculous. . . You gotta get that Loose Ends album when I drop it. . . You gotta get it; you gotta get that Moment of Truth is out right now; you gotta cop that . . . Check that out on iTunes, Napster,,; it don’t matter I’m all over. . . Confession