Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Duffle Bag Boy
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] I go hard like 6 o’clock in the morning, baby, believe that. . . Ayyy, what it is. . . If you aint catch that you better catch up with me. . . You already know what it is; you already know, I don’t even know why I even ask ya’ll that. . . AhHA! Confession. . . You know who the fuck it is. . . I gotta spell it for you? C.O.N.F.E.Double S.I.O.N. . . C’mon. . . get it. . . Lets get it. . . Hold up. . . Lemme give it to em. . . Something like this. . . .

Ya boi’s back at it again; I’m back one shine
Like driving with no brake pads; I’m back on grind
Big dogg status, barking and I bet ya’ll glad its
Me again; Mr. C.O.N is hard at it
So fall back I won’t have to procede to cause panic
Ya’ll laughin but half of you like your draws dampened
You piss pants like you hold it until your balls crampin
Go ask your mother; she’s lovin the southern drawl accent
I’m spittin like I’m unemployed tryna get cash
And hungry, skinny like a junkie drinkin slim fast
Zip passed and these women catching whiplash
Getting a itch for some stick like a sick rash
Money first chronologically; a bitch last
My ride can’t accommodate such a thick ass
So she’s lookin for a man with a six pack
I got a six pack, liquor bottles and dick sack
To change your mind quick fast; somebody better tell em
These rappers claim their the shit, but yet you can barely smell em
I’m here to put some stank on it like I drank on it
So you can bet your bottom dollar I’mma bank on it
I switch lanes; I’m ready for big change
That’s soda money and I am feelin a bit drained
She gimme brain that I would classify insane
Truthfully, she a super freak, Rick James, bitch. . .

[talk] hahaha. . . You know how I get down, you know how ya boi get down. . . Doin it like this on the Pen Bleed mixtape. . I had to come back. . . I was having a little drought real quick. . . But I made that desert reign baby. . . I made that desert reign baby. . . .