Album: Pen Bleed
Track: In The City
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

You cant stop the incredible chakra
Monster mobster of this hip hop genre
Handle the mic right; battle they might die
Cuz I got punch lines like Saturday Night Live
I’m a sick as they come with a flip of the tongue
Bitches want me to kill it like my dick was a gun
I’m getting it done; hot as if I lived in the sun
Got me channeling the force of ‘Pac, Biggie and Pun
I put every ounce on; it sounds strong
Cuz I’m about to drop like the Dow Jones
I’m gonna murder it, huh, call me conservative
Cuz every time I’m spittin this is hot enough to burn my lip
And my mouth whenever I bring the rhymes out
I spit dope like my name was Amy Winehouse
I got this; you haters should just stop it
You can’t see me like a buck in an empty pocket
I’m like speech to a deaf man; unheard of
Cuz I breathe fire until both my lungs burn up
You could try your hand at this rap shit
I don’t need the whole thing; I’m tryna grab me a fraction
I’m not tryna brag but I’m packing
Larger than life; I need two and a half of the magnums
Sittin pretty like my ass on a Maxim
She’s a centerfold; I make her center fold when I’m waxin
Cant nobody understand the passion I rap with
Like its unbelievable how Janet’s a Jackson
I predict selling out like the Wii Fit
My flow is like constipation, nigga, you don’t see shit
Born in the dirty south, man, I’m still filthy
I kill quickly, call me OJ I’m still guilty
It’s a real habit; sick as a pill panic
To feel that it levels me out, but I’m still at it. . . .