Album: Pen Bleed
Track: That's Gangsta
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] who’s riding with me. . . Who’s riding with me. . . . Well c’mon!

I'm a full time hustla posted on the block
Got to get it to live and I'm never going to stop.
Now that's gangsta; now that's gangsta
When me ride through the hood you can here the bass knock
All me girls them love me; me have me city locked
Now that's gangsta; now that's gangsta

I been in it longer than these other skiddish kids
With half the life experience; still feedin off their mommas titties
I still gotta get it; hot as off the skillet
Hungry as a carnivorous village huntin fish without the tools to kill it
Ya’ll know whos the realest; I’m ready for new beginnings
Think I’m finished; ya’ll are on that white like the coolest Christmas
Sayin I aint the shit is like fat confused with fitness
Lyrically I am a beast and I could stand to lose some inches
I want my due percentage for givin what you been missin
A seasoned veteran; imagine what I do for business
Whatever the motive better control it
Let it be known that I am about to bring this game back into existence


I am a general idea of a General
Heroism sharp as a pair of scissors to your genitals
Meddlesome from the day I presented you
With this plentiful,edible, medically therapeutic form of incredible
Inseperable as me to my pencil
But the only time is one hand on the mic and one on my testicals
Sick as some Theraflu; necessary very susceptible
For me to embarrass you; no substitutions exceptable
Whoever I offend is intentional
Just to let you know your hottest belongs in garbage receptacles
Incomparible like paper clips to electrical outlets
I’m about to joust and keep it pumpin like ventricles


[talk] ayyy, you know what it is. . . Confession. . . . Lets keep it movin. . .