Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Amazing Loose Ends
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] hey Kanye, thanks for letting me borrow this beat real quick . . . ha-ha. . . . I gotta tell these dudes whats goin on, man, I’m telling you. . . . Top of 2009 I’m droppin that Loose Ends, yall better be ready. . . . Its just a little taste of things to come. . . Yea, lets get it done. . .

Whoever said I wasn’t amazing is stuck in a maze
When number two gets rubbed in his face
And I aint talkin placement; ape shit, relative fragrance
I rap Tigger out the bassment; where his face went?
I’m tying up loose ends like shoelaces
Call it in the air; you said tails, its two faces
So I’mma kick off - I aint the one to shit talk
But I wouldn’t use what you spit to even beat my dick off
I’m comin hard like the last time I had sex
Was on your mommas mattress shootin for target practice
I promise that it’s the sickest shit on the map
Its ridiculous, honest fact, I am killin this on the rap
This a Kanye beat, but if I may speak
I’mma drop 6 foot bars till I lay deep
So my words touch the surface; from the bottom where my earth is
And you can say I died with a purpose
Cant nobody knock me off that pedastal
The competition’s just a way for me to make a better you
Better yet, I could even rap using vegetables
I’m ‘bout my greens and I don’t carrots just a way to embarrass you
Its hysterical, sometimes I laugh at my own jokes
You pole smoke; remember boi, you’re playing with grown folks
Back to business as usual
Cuz I work till I bleed in the cuticles; pay off is something beautiful
that’s something for you to say at my funeral
Confession, that’s niggas spit was sick as licking urinals
You see me coming like a sock to the eye
Cuz I’m droppin loose ends like I forgot how to tie. . .

So amazing. . . So amazing. . . So amazing. . . Its amazing. . .

[talk] Kanye tell em. . . What you think man. . . Loose Ends is what?? Its what?? Its what?? If you don’t know now you know. . . Loose Ends top of 2009; its coming. . . The Moment of Truth is out now; get it. . . iTunes, Napster. . . . . . all over. .. Get it. . . Lets get it. . . .