Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Stay In Those Jeans
Artist(s): Confession, Chantelle
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] its about to get real grown and sexy right now. . . . (tell me is there any more room for me in those jeans) . . . Awwwww yyyea. . . (tell me is there any more room for me). . .You know Im a damn fool right. . . Fellas, bare with me I gotta holla at this female real quick. . . (tell me is there any more room for me in those jeans) . . . I’mma take you back with this one. . . (tell me is there any more room for me). . .I’mma take you back; I’mma take you wayyyy back. . . .

W’sup lil mama; how you doin? How you been?
Me, I’m right as rain as far as trouble I been in
I just been thinking ‘bout you lately and the time we spent
I didn’t know the right approach or how I should begin
To tell you that I kinda miss ya
I know we aint spoke in a while but its kinda nice to hear the voice behind the picture
I must admit it now if I’m gonna be honest with ya
Its been a while and I was hoping. . . .
I kinda figured we could get together or something; sip on a little Captain Morgan
Just chill until the early hours of the morning
It feels like I havent seen you in ages; maybe it has been
Compared to how tight we were back then
You disappeared and aint been back since
Its kinda hard to keep in touch when I been hustling till my backs bent
But please forgive me for my actions
But I’d like to get reacquainted with you; maybe I’ll see you later. . . .

[talk] [Confession] ay, you know I been crazy busy with this hole music thing and all, but to be honest, you know, you cross my mind every now and then.

[Chantelle] you cross my mind too.

[Confession] I don’t know how you feel about it but. . . Ya know, I’d like to. . . I like to cook dinner for you sometime. . .

[Chantelle] really?

[Confession] we can hang out. . . Have a few drinks. . . And just. . . just kinda catch up on things, ya know?

[Chantelle] I’d like that. . .

[Confession] Arright well, how about Friday night? I’ll treat you to the best meal you ever had (laugh)

[Chantelle] (laugh) that sounds real good. . .

[Confession] Arright mama. . . Well, I’ll see you Friday.

[Chantelle] Ok baby . . .

[Confession] Peace. . .

[Chantelle] bye. . .

[Bridge] [Confession] I don’t mind if you stay the night with me (x4)
[Chantelle] tell me is there any more room for me in those jeans, tell me is there any more room for me(x4)