Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Stadium Music
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] writer’s block is a motha fucka but I’m back at it. . . . Where yall at. . . Desert Reign Productions. . . Yall aint ready. . . Yall definitely aint ready. . . .

I’m sick and tired of tryna tell em why I’m so sick
Battling me you might as well just suck your own dick
Cuz you’re fuckin yourself; everything that I touch it will melt
No wonder why your girl’s eyeing under the belt
She wanna see why I lean to the right when I walk
Is it just me or do the panties drop right when I talk
She love that dirty dirty swagger; southern son of a bastard
I dare someone to tell me that I aint one of the baddest
Rappers spittin semantics; verbal murderous tactics
Never heard of such a worder spit herbal enhancements
I’m a monster; could already spot the imposters
I’m here to throw your watches to the sky; your clock’s up
You need some aspirin cuz I’mma be kickin that ass in
So far up your throat you’ll have an ass chin
I’m back been at it like I was ready, waiting to act
Taking a nap cuz half these rappers aint worth waking for crap
I’m so dirty I should take me a bath
Making em mad cuz I’m real, if anything, yall can hate me for that
Cuz I’m a sick duck that loves to get his dick sucked
Its almost better than writing and mics get ripped up; bitch what

[talk] I keep tryna tell you don’t sleep on me man; don’t sleep on me. . . Yall cant even comprehend the type of shit I’m on right now. . . Yall don’t even know. . . I cant even. . . I cant begin to explain the type of shit that I’m spittin right now. . . . Confession: The Moment of Truth. . . Confession: Loose Ends. . . Coach: Journey 2 Self Reflection. . . Out now. . . Yall gotta cop those albums man, yall don’t know what you’re missing. . . Its on some other shit. . . Follow me on twitter. . . Tweet tweet bitches. . . Holla at ya dude; leave me a comment; do something. . . . Do something with ya life. . . Hahaha . . . I’m just playin. . . I’m just fuckin around. . . You know I love yall. . . . Holla at ya dude mang. . . that’s how we do it. . . .