Album: Pen Bleed
Track: Determination
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Pack your bags for the road; c’mon, lets go
I’m on a mission for the goal to stack my doe
And when you see me on the top; you know just why
That’s determination in my eyes

Welcome to the unedited one; its better than drugs
And titties bouncing at the gentlemens club
Lemme introduce you to the ruthless who never is done
I keep it movin; hot as Arizona weather for one
The inevitable; I’m spittin like a sweater in June
Enter the room and aim till everybody head for the moon
I aint worried cuz I could drop it now and then see mistakes
Cuz everybody’s waitin on this Pen Bleed mixtape
And I’m still hungry like I’m runnin empty, but just ate
So I don’t think they really wanna tempt me this day
But don’t get madd at me cuz god made me this way
Maybe you’ll graduate to be an artist this May
May - be - I’m - just - not what I appear to be
Seriously, what language do I have to speak to be hearin me
Its clear to see, so tell em they can bet their purse on it
Its only hot at the time I drop my verse on it


[talk] you know I’m on a mission right? You know I’m on a mission with this one. . . Pen Bleed. . . . Pen Bleed baby. . . . .Loose Ends. . . The Moment of Truth. . . The Movie Music Movement . . .is available now. . . Sincerely Yours. . . Coming real soon. . .