Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Across The Tracks
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] this goes out to everybody that’s been down since day one…yea…gotta pay my respects…keep it comin

Aint no way to explain how this feels
Kinda like bein to excited to sit still
Its His will I’m able to spit ill
Pinchin myself to see if I’m dreamin but its real
I was never really doin this much
But my doggs die hard and come through in a clutch
Now that’s love; thin line between you and a buck
You can call me when life’s kickin you in the butt
I’ve come across many faces in many places
But everybody’s family to me any way
So if you’re hating mine gimme space, for saying I’m plenty fake
When I shine any time any day man.

I was told to build and they’d come
So this is for my doggs been down since day 1
I got your back from across the tracks
I show love and they toss it back; its like that homie.
Aint no way to explain what they’ve done
So this is for the ladies that played my tape 1
I got your back from across the tracks
I show love and they toss it back; its like that homie.

There’s only a few folks I do know
That I hold near, some would say maybe too close
I choose hope when faced with danger
Cuz I know there’s eyes on my back in range to bang ya
If I eat, you eat, we feast together
And I’m right there with you in the streets whenever
When I’m down in the dirt 6 feet remember
Doggs for life, a bond 6 feet cant sever
This is windows low and seat back weather
Me fall off, right, believe that never
I’mma paint this pic till you see that better
When its cold outside I’mma be that sweater; man I got you.


I better thank you, I’m forever grateful
When I wanted to put down my pen you kept me stable
Enabled me to vent while I entertain you
Inspired every line of this fire till I’m disabled
Its been an every day hustle, in many ways struggle
But every single penny makes muscle
I’m stronger than before, weather a storm
Soldier on the lines of this veteran war
With these words as my ammo
I promise to withstand, holdin my ground like my leg was a kickstand
I came up above the shrugs, the same love
Still my brother even though we don’t share the same blood; what.


[talk] Confession….The Moment of Truth…I show love from across the tracks…its like that…its like that