Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Holla @ Cha Boi
Artist(s): Confession, Keno
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[Confession] yea…holla when you see me….Confession!
[Keno] Keno…haha

Been in the game with a lyrical aim
To get rid of your lame mind frame, simple and plain
When this individual came with a criminal brain
Critics acclaim, I’m the nigga with the pen that go bang
So can I get a little recognition
Killin for less than this, if you aint learned your lesson listen
Now that Confessions in it you rappers are pessimistic
Is it cuz I got you physically glued to your television
For a glimpse of whats about to happen
Critical mass reaction; subliminal when this raps attackin
Aint no window where I’ll deliver you
Into the pivotal pinnacle you cant see cuz your boi is invisible (c’mon)
I’m one of the illest who came through this pitiful game to
Bring the people medicinal brain food
You’ll need more than aspirin
Cuz I’m a pain in the ass just like you sat on cactus.

When I’m ridin through the block real slow
Sellin tapes cuz I gotta get doe
Speakers high and I’m ridin real low
      Holla @ cha boi
When u see me on the streets nigga

Now bare with me, this’ll only take a second
The west embedded to better this dirty south representative
Manifest the repetitive repetitious professionalism
Rhythm impressive when confession is killin em
And ummm… Not tryna be political with a few biblical
References blessin this at regular intervals
When I… was placed on this earth with the purpose to flow fire
When it comes to lyricism I do the whole 9
Every syllable is as sharp as a harpoon
And my plan of attack is like darts in a dark room
A lotta you thinkin I march to the wrong tune
That’s kinda like sayin that I’m parched in a monsoon
I could take a million minutes to finish
When it’s the illest radio single to date and get no airplay
But I’d rather take a second and make a better record
Head for the dream to the green, through the fairway.


Verse3: [Keno]
Yo Confession, it’s a blessin to have me rippin this instrumental
Niggas better get it through their mental that I’m detrimental
I’m mentally servin these niggas, verbally I’m a General
Considered one of the many spittin that murders dudes
My metaphorical metamorphis is on this microphone
Its nothing short of a gift, rep wit no phony shit
I got a lotta hotter verses for certain
I’m workin my verbal communication skills till my vocals kill
I feel its my duty to move these niggas clappin with a strap
And leave em trapped in contraptions like David Copperfield
Keno the hot for real
Got a confession like the rapper aint too many capable matchin my rappin skills
Keno to Dr. Phil
Counselin beats with heat that I’m spittin; you niggas aint hot, you just sorta chill
I’m so for real it aint ‘Candy Rain’
And I’m gainin momentum so holla when you see me; keep movin like treadmills.