Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Just Like Me
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] if you look around…you’ll realize…you aint alone…everybodys got their own struggles…just like me.

Another day in this life of mine
‘s another step to a life of crime
It takes all my might to grind
Cuz I see what you got and just like you I’d like to shine
If my…mic goes on its on tonight
Cuz if I…right my wrongs, I’m wrong, I’m right
But my…sight was on an honest life
When I’m…reciting all the songs I write
Sometimes I feel like drinkin
Keepin focused; smokin, thinkin
How would I feel if my boat was leakin
Somewhere on the deep blue ocean sinkin
Have I told those close too frequent
Or not enough not to expose a weakness
You think I’m so delinquent
These notebooks hold my secrets.

So look around and their just might be
People goin through it just like me
Just when I think it’s a bust I see
People goin through it just like me
Tell me how high must I reach
If people goin through it just like me
If they never listen up, why speak
Cuz people goin through it just like me

Have you ever wanted somethin so bad, it was perfect
Only to find out it wasn’t worth it
Betrayed by the surface, by the snakes and the serpents
Never knew the game was so merciless
Trained like a surgeon
What me to quit, that’s like tryna clean blood stains with detergent
Came with a purpose
And the pain of it workin against me aint really certain
They say I’m relentless
But for a good reason, yaLL cant comprehend this
Till you calm your senses
Open up your third eye and you’ll find my dimensions
There so much more to life than just this
Fixed on the borderline, I must shift
To get this order right
On my toes like Florida’s like in hurricane season.