Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: For One Reason
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Somethings tellin me I might snap; whats the cause
When I clutch my balls, nigga, fuck the law
If it was up to yaLL I’d be the first to fall
T-Shirts and all, nothin left but my draws
You cant have doe like Donald Trump to start
But I’mma stand like a soldier when its jumpin off
And I’mma ride for the cause cuz I’m rough and raw
And if you step too close I’mma bust your jaw
YaLL niggas don’t know me
Calm demeanor like a mean OG
Even when the water that I’m in ‘s so deep
This whole week I aint been gettin no sleep
Never reach for your piece too slowly
Listen close, here’s what my momma told me
You gotta smile now, never let em see you frown
These days baby this is how its going down.

Holla for my doggs in front (ughhh)
The is for the ladies in the back (ahhhh)
See I came in this game for one reason
To show yaLL love till the day I’m done breathin (exhale)

Till the day I stop breathin
I got love for the kids of the military when their pops leavin
Moms cryin, dyin inside to cop pleas in
That’s not reason to give up and stop dreamin
I got a picture that reminds me to not be
The man where materialistic shit blinds me
Do not take for granted what God laid beside me
Hot but I never forgot whats behind me
The truths gonna save ya
Hustle hard now, later enjoy the fruits of my labor
I know why yaLL niggas hate me
Cuz my eyes open to what you cant see
A big R.I.P to slain soldiers who died for what they believe in
To all the people that cry from grievin
If yaLL agree then
I’mma ride as long as I’m breathin; now ride wit me.


I cant be madd I aint commercial
Just brush off any tough talk when they aim to hurt you
It shows when the pain is purple
So never let em see you sweat when you run the game in circles
Even if you strain to burst through, the famous work too
Givin in is as lame as curfew
I live with the patience virtue
Except when you think your shit smells the same as perfume
You never know how much time is left
So I suggest that you get your mind correct
And you’ll never be a dime in debt
Cuz money comes in many forms even if you’re dumb, blind and deaf
I could sell a million records to a million stores, get awards
still no different than what them other niggas did before
I can act like its all perfect
The day I change one life I know its all worth it.