Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Split Personality
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

I’m a simple man, I try to keep it peaceful
But everybody knows that the streets are lethal
Deceitful, never met such evil people
Believe you me it should be illegal
From the heart when I deliver my verse
Now that’s love, scribblin words till my ligaments hurt
When you hate that; tryna knock my dick in the dirt
Questions last cuz I act on adrenaline first
Disrespect, that makes my balls bigger
React fast as a black man called (pause)
There’s only so much one man could take
Remember this I’m venomous as a rattlesnake
If you know I got a short fuse, why light it
Cuz right now I aint even tryna be non violent
I might as well save my breath
Before I say what I may regret

I know that you don’t wanna go there
When nobody don’t care who you know and roll where
All I know is- I’m bout to flip quick, get this shit outta me
Then switch to reality; split personality
So scared it’ll get you nowhere
Telling me its no fair cuz I really don’t care
All I know its- I’m bout to flip quick, get this shit outta me
Then switch to reality; split personality

I’mma give you my honest lecture
Cuz many of you think I’m real calm collective
Behind doors I’m an ex-cons aggression
No question, ticking time bomb with seconds
No please, leave me alone and don’t you
Provoke me, I aint even tryna choke you
Don’t know me, there you go being too hopeful
Next time try not being so vocal
And this is everyday shit that I go through
You think you understand but you don’t, you have no clue
How in the fuck can I do what I’m s’posed to
When I’m tryna eat and you’re givin me tofu
Have you ever had one of them days
Where it seems not one things goin your way
And everything blows up right in front of your face
Best believe I got somethin to say; you know me.


Hi, I’m Mr. Nice Guy; until you cross that line
And catch a right hook to your right eye
The left, likewise, and that’s my final answer
No lifelines necessary, I’m quite fine
No other like mine
And I’m on that liquor and I aint leavin till I find
Just who in their right mind throws salt in the game I designed
No joke, better hope that name wasn’t mine
I’m an animal I need my space
So you back off the cage at a leisured pace
You gotta understand how much ease it takes
For Jesus sake, I’m worn like I sleep awake
I’m on edge, my nerves are shot
Its like I’m starin in the mirror but the persons not
Its like I’m two people
I blame my other half every time I do evil.