Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: I Apologize
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yea…from the bottom of my heart….i’m sorry.

Damn, I really fucked up this time
Before was supposed to be the last this chick cried
Put that blame on me cuz its mine
Your feelings were carried away like riptide
Right now I’m too stressed to get high
Cuz this crime got you ready to kiss bye
And cant be ignored by making your wrist shine
I wish I had the right words to describe
On the flipside, I penned these lyrics
But I don’t think you’ll ever get to hear it
Cuz my pride wont let me admit my faults
Even when I’m wrong, that’s why I’m here singing in this song
Forgive me for the way I’ve acted
I’m half fixed, but everyday I practice
And even though you say I cant quit
I still strive and try to tame my antics.

Hey I apologize
Will you please forgive me
And I apologize
For all the things, I’m sorry.

I apologize for the way it feels too
For everything that I say I wont but still do
And even though I try to act calm and real cool
The scenario stinks like mildew
Scared that anytime that I’m tryna holla I’d see
Somebody else on your caller I.D.
I know I deserve this blow, got me hurtin
For certain, nobody’s perfect
I know you’ve shed tears
And you aint tryna hear what I have to say, I confess here
That you’ve given me some of the best years
I’m hopin that all of this aint fallin on deaf ears
Under these circumstances
I know you’re probably thinkin what its worth to chance it
But I hate to forfeit
So I’mma let these words paint the portrait.