Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Pheromones
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

I’m feelin good like she slipped me a mickey
Never thought what I just drank would hit me this quickly
I’m a beast when this liquid is in me
I’m on the prowl for anything with a fat ass, hips and some titties
I don’t discriminate, what fool said thick isnt pretty
As far as I’m concerned the only kinda chick to get with me
Sits in her Vickie’s all day, isnt sadity
And knows the right spot to administer hickies
Lookin thick in a mini
Kinda like tryna take a size 6 jean and fit it on Biggie
Bein eye balled by every other chick in this city
Cuz these niggas tryna get with your kitty
That’s as crazy as Game tryna kick it with 50
They’re just madd cuz you’re gettin so busy
The way you grind like a pro but lookin so innocently
Anything other than this is a pity; is you wit me.

I got wordplay like Mr. Cochran; its no wonder why these chicks are jockin
Pheromones mixed with liquid toxin; another drink and our lips are lockin
You’ll find something good in your Christmas stockin; sit on my lap and you’ll get some options
Pheromones mixed with liquid toxin; another kiss and our hips are rockin.

Now that I have your attention
My pheromones are drivin you madd for affection
With the way your ass fit that dress
I confess, got me slippin for a half millisecond
And every time you glance my direction
I sweat when you stare, I get massively tense
And obsessed with the thought of a lasting impression
Got me gradually tempted to ask you a question
Just so I could bask in your presence
I could handle rejection
But I’m seein ‘U and I’ together like I rap with dyslexic
Pen and pad in a session
And I don’t plan on leavin or even makin a pass for the exit
Till I see you perceivin my actual intentions
To follow my animal senses
Sparks fly it’ll cause a flammable French kiss.