Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Consequences
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yea… sometimes people turned a blind eye to reality…so lets hear their story… c’mon

He was a little hard headed, but his mom said that
He’s a good kid just runnin with the wrong men and
Didn’t break apart but somehow got the law bended
Beat the charge when he could’ve caught a large sentence
Where he’s from talk you could get your jaw dented
That’s enough to call incentive
And life is hard when you starve in it, so cold need a scarf in it
Sometimes wishes he could all end it
But with his brother in the midst he wouldn’t dream of it in a sense
But instead he played as innocent
Used the bigger brother role model to his benefit
And taught him that there’s better shit
But never did these words stick, he was too impacted
Went into his brothers room lifted up the mattress
Older brother walks in just before the chrome let off
His baby brother blew his own head off.

Play the game from every angle
You gotta change, don’t let it change you
      Have I forgot to mention
Within these chains that restrain you
You gotta change, don’t let it change you
      Or face the consequences

Pristine with big dreams
for the big screen, she was 16
On the road to success so it seemed
for which means its enough to make u wanna kick scream
She was naïve enough to believe but see
They were after whats in her jeans, maybe earn her a couple bucks in between
Some people know the difference from a touch and a tease
And some think its what they want it to be
Little did she know she’s fuckin for free
Manhandled by a customer creep that left her bruised up for much of the week
It made it that much more tougher to speak
When its like a golf ball got stuck in her cheek
The doctor prepped for bad news said
“Ma’am I think you’d better sit down”
Moms ready, palms sweaty, felt like the room had less oxygen
Yep, she test positive. . . damn.