Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Moment of Truth
Artist(s): Warrior Poet
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

(Warrior Poet) Face against the bricks…its time for a choice. What’s it gonna be dog, man up or remain a boy? Cuz here and now the situation lay before you. So what you gonna do? Will you accept the challenge? The challenge that the universe has bestowed upon you some eternities and eternities…before your existence. . .Based on metaphysical equations extrapolated from the matriculation of Gods persistence…and no doubt by now…by now the demons in your head when you sleep. . . remind you of the significance of this choice. In roughest estimations and toughest guesstimations…this is the foundation for the summation of your will. One Morpheus…Two pills…so whats your play…cuz yo, Confession, the game goes on either way….