Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: I Gotta Go
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yo. . . this one goes out to all my fellas out there. . . I know u been in this kinda situation before. . . haha. . . listen up.

I got game, I run through plenty
But tonight I think I had one too many
I’d think fast but I’m too far behind
I even talk before words cross my mind
You just got around to the bar while I’m
Still tryna figure out which car is mine
Probably charged with a larger fine
If an officer asked me to walk the line
So gone I could hardly rhyme
When the Bacardi is on me its party time
A little liquid and I start to shine
U got that there but Barbie’s mine
So I drank a little juice and left
Walked over and I introduced myself
She blushed, smiled and thought it was sweet
But this bitch was missin all of her teeth; goddamn!

Drunk and cant tell if she’s fine or not
And just when u think she’s a dime, she’s not; what can u say?!
I gotta go!
You’re gonna tell her what?!
I gotta go!
When its dark in the club and its hard to see
Get her in the light and she’s missin all her teeth; what can u say?!
I gotta go!
You’re gonna tell her what?!
I gotta go!

The spots lookin nice tonight
Like Slim, I’ll pay if the price is right
Brush off my shoulders, get my swagger back
Cuz that last chick gave me a spaz attack
Cautious to approach hoes after that
But the odds are good when its half this packed
So I stroll on lookin for an average cat
Cuz a dime piece acts like a massive brat
I spot this kitten in some plastic wrap
Chest on swole and her ass was fat
I was curious to know if she could dance, in fact
She hits the floor and starts movin like an acrobat
She backs it right up on me, says sorry
Then starts grindin slowly
She had nice lips and all
Hell nawww just then this broads wig fell off; what the fuck?!


Oh boy, its been a long night
And there aint one hottie I’ve found on site
Maybe I’ve just been lookin under the wrong light
But the bars still open so its alright
She taps on my shoulder
Thinkin I’mma turn around, smile, shake hands and its over
Lookin like she wanna have a dance wit a soldier
I’m scared this water is a glass of ammonia
So I check the flaws
No ass but its cool cuz her breasts are large
White teeth, nice hair and unless I’m wrong
Its all to the good so I’m pressin on
I’m havin the best of luck
She heads to the restroom to freshen up
I gotta go too, goddamn I’m drunk
I just saw this bitch piss standin up.


[talk] aww shit, look at the time. I gotta go. . I mean. . . see what had happened was. . . my…my cousins, sisters, uncles pet iguana had uhhh. . . was eatin a meal worm and. . . got it stuck in its throat or something and. . . needed some. . . ya know what…I. . .ya know, fuck it…I just gotta go. . .I. . . ya know what. . . I gotta get the fuck up outta here I’m sorry. . . ya know. . I just remembered I left my electricity on and it. . . ya know, my bill. . . I aint tryna. . . I just cant pay this. . . yea, fuck that. . . I gotta go. . .peace. . . .AhHA!