Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Shhh (Lighters Up AZ)
Artist(s): Confession, St. Jerome, Cali
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[St Jerome] yo…Cali…whats up? its Jerome. Yo, we gotta get on this track with my man Confession…lets get together like cavemen and make fire.

Verse1: (Confession)
Hold up! . . . now bring my beat back
I got a T-Bone if I need me some feedback
Cuz u aint sayin nothin that I’ve never heard before
Scared of beef like you’re an herbivore
But I could give a damn if you like me
You’re girl wants to date so her man tryna fight me
Liftin up my hand, lookin icy
Walk around in my shoes then you’d understand why I’m feisty
But I think I handle it nicely
Spend my time tryna get my hands on your wifey
Me fallin victim to your plan isnt likely
Don’t second guess Confession is the man cuz I might be
Gotta take a second to breathe. . .
Aint nobody messin with me. . .
Cuz I’m out here on the grind all the time
Put your lighters up in the sky; smoke something for me.

Shhh, can u hear that sound?! We here now
So you know that its goin down (its goin down)
Put your lighters up in the air; we don’t care
So if you’re with me say ‘hell yea’ ! (hell yea!)
Phoenix (throw it up!) Scottsdale (throw it up!)
Tempe (throw it up!) Mesa (throw it up!)
Flagstaff (throw it up!) Glendale (throw it up!)
Tucson (throw it up!) Everybody (throw it up!)

Verse2: (St. Jerome)
If you throw it up I throw it down; J Rome is the best around
Coming with the AZ sound; knockin 'em out in the first round
From downtown to the suburbs
Superb white nerd who slurs words together like southerners
Make him or her swerve to the curb like sippin sizurp; let simmer
Some never learn cuz most never teach it
But when I preach I keep it juicy like peaches
To reach the bottom of the stands to the top of the bleachers
Even the nose bleedin seaters greetin me with open speakers
Cuz they need this; the voice of reason amongst the deceivers
Catchin beats like receivers and turnin chumps to believers
When you hear it you feel us like antennas
Call your friends to recommend us; number one contenders
Better than ever, send pretenders broken and severed back to the entrance
I punctuate the sentence; leaving the mic defenseless
Command the stage presence in the trenches next to Confession; now shhh.


Verse3: (Cali)
Cali boi, getting down; spittin out that sick ass sound
Rollin wit the underground; Tempe is the fuckin town
King on this throne so yaLL better bow down
Like Ice, Dub and Mac was around
Southern Cali where my style was found; bread and butter
Oh shit, did he say what I thought I heard
Damn right, talk shit you’re getting punched tonight
Leave a dent in your face like I was fightin with a mic
But I need to calm down, smoke a blunt cuz its alright
Throw that shit up, say what ya say but just stay out my way
Cuz my lot is comin up like it or not
We fit like a 3 piece suit, hella hot
Number one contender, ready to take that spot
Like undercovers we get the drop
Hit the concrete hard and stomp on these streets
Similar to speakers when they’re playing this beat; now throw it up.