Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Can't C Me Out Here
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

When’s the last time that you seen a Puerto Rican do it like this…
But in this rap I’m the black sheep; no attackin a whack beat
Work, never nap, never have sleep
Ask and I’ll rap free
Since you cats wanna act cheap I’ll just shake the hands that you pass me
Movin her ass like a damn freak
Music first, all the rest of that crap takes a back seat
The perfect gentleman mixed with a bit of asshole
The ladies love it when I be telling their ass no
One minute I’m a jerk, next got the mack flow
I’ll admit it, man, she’s a bad hoe
Another record under the belt
So call Guinness; when I’m finished the whole tundra will melt
No wonder its felt cuz even with a hard ass team
I got something that yaLL cant c; I’m right here homie.

I’m right back in the game with a bang cuz yaLL cant c me out here
My rap aint the same since I came cuz yaLL cant c me out here
The fact still remains and its plain that yaLL cant c me out here
you strain to maintain in this game
insane in the brain with a bang bang
if yaLL didn’t know. . . I’m right here homie.

When I…spit fire you’re finished- You’ll…see why in a minute
Call…the medical doctor- Cuz I am the illest
I’m…slick, sly and I’m wicked- So…lets ride cuz I’m wit it
Aint…no way they can stop me- My rhymes are infinite
I’m…as fly as a pigeon- Un…deniably gifted
In…credible talent- Call me Valium; I am addictive
Find…me right at the clinic- Take…my mic and I’m flippin
Out…the championship bout- Still fightin to win it
And there’s about to be a first round TKO
Wont stop till we say so
Everything you hear on the streets aint gold
But this here makes silver each tape sold (chips)
If you love it, buy it
If you hate it get it anyway just so you can cuss it out in private
I come with the force of a riot
Never underestimate a lyrical giant; I’m a tyrant.


I talk shit when I shit talk
When this dog quick draw I could make a blood crip walk
Discard, all my BS but this part
Everyday it got me hustlin like Rick Ross (Ross)
Ready for lift off; are you impressed man
Cuz I could sell a couple records to a deaf man
While my competitors left pissin in a bedpan
My flow best, no sweat like a headband
I still gotta get it cuz if I don’t they got it
And they might not know what to do with it
But when The Truth is in it you know I make the hot shit
And I’m about to act a fool with it.