Album: The Moment of Truth
Track: Aw Yea
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2008
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Aint no way they’re stoppin this ominous harmony; gotta be out of it
Probably honor me for monotony; put a sock in it
I could be properly on top of the mockery scholarship
But honestly I’mma be the only one to acknowledge it
I wish somebody would finally cut the comedy
Follow me to the booth and listen on in astonishment
Watching me rockin it hot as phosphorous
Cautious, aww shit, nauseous and ‘bout to pass from lack of oxygen
Oh wait, that’s the liquor
Cuz every time she walks my way, man, that ass look a little thicker
I’mma keep it real wit ya
The way I feel now I will flip ya; took a step back but I’m still wit ya
Aint no way I will give up
Till I’m Hillfiger rich and I got a nice whip and my grill glitters
Everything I spill iller
I’m a will killa; murda your faith in yourself and say I’m fire for a little nigga.

Aw Yea! Aw Yea!
That’s the sound when I’m…up in your town and uhhh…its goin down like-
Aw Yea! Aw Yea!
One more time for em, gotta get ya grind on so everybody can say.

My prominent dominance demolishin all your confidence
Battle me, assault and battery; charge my esophagus
For droppin it like its hot as lava walkin with moccasins
While particles of your body burnin off in apocalypse
Its common sense; take the dull and I polish it
Caution accomplices that I’m takin off like a rocket ship
I profit and pocket it; spittin sweet as cinnamon chocolate
Compliments to the chef for this; me and fire synonymous
I got yaLL hooked like fish bait to this tape
Any other ways a disgrace
No mistakes; no second chance to trick fate
With kick bass at em that’ll rattle your ribcage
No kids game; some would say you’re insane
For being brave enough for a lyrical exchange
Lets engage; my artillery spits flames
Escape artist, I’m breakin all of my restraints.


Too many rappers offer their best and breakin their promises
Honest to God this is symbolic of the state hip hop is in
Shambles ample enough to build temples, statues and monuments
Talkin this and talkin that like lips injected with collagen
Melodic hypnotic phonics topic for novices
Finest to battle but you couldn’t handle Milonakis
Its obvious I’ve accomplished more with vowels and consonants
Than you pea brain, piss ants with lyrical incontinence
I’m no conceited…its called convinced
But u aint comprehend when told that this dog could spit
Mistook your face for an ass cuz you’re talkin shit
But I got four words for you, man, get off my dick
Impeccable pinpoint marksmanship
So precise I can knock the ice off your wrist
Anybody challenge that; yaLL can get it
Any city, any country, any continent; I’m the shit.