Album: Loose Ends
Track: They Will Remember Me
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

This is how we comin up in the valley
Of the sunshine; dangerous grounds be around me
Cant let it surround me
Lemme die with a smiling face cuz when I pass on
- They will remember me (They will remember me)
- They will remember me (They will remember me)
- They will remember me (They will remember me)
Lemme die with a smiling face cuz when I pass on (They will remember me)

Until I pass on know we goin half on
Till all of my cash gone; they’re telling me that’s wrong
But I give a. . . .cuz they aint fuckin with the last don
Cuz I know when I go they will remember my rap song
Can you hear me
Or do I need to swipe this mic across your face so you can feel me; I’m really
Tryna find a reason I’m even breathing and still be
Sincerely real so you can picture me clearly
I’m not a man of many words, but theres one thing I know
That’s how to grab the mic and let it go
So when I play my position in this and stay on my mission
That’s when I came up to this shit from no pot to piss in
Now listen, regardless who I roll with, remember. . .
You think I’mma let these people forget me. . . never
I’mma leave you thinking damn, dogg, can it be
Embedded on your memory; Confession, remember me


I wanna live on far passed the day when I’m gone
Maybe I’m right but maybe I’m wrong
So I made me a song to illustrate the amount of crazy I’m on
What if I pass before a baby is born
Who’s gonna carry on my legacy
Who will forget, who will remember me when I’m blind, crippled, crazy at 70
This will reserve me a spot; solidify my stature
But not only as a man, also as the dopest rapper
I hope to capture and let every flow enrapture
In between the facts when I am off to greener pastures
You’ve seen the actors; witness The Truth
Ears bleed when I get in the booth; this is for you
You’re the reason I wrote this
The reason why I bleed, sweat and cry over beats when I focus
Remember these sentences I provide yall
Cuz if you don’t listen I don’t know what the fuck I rhyme for


[talk] tying up all loose ends. . . Better believe they will remember me. . . They will remember me. . . Confession. . . . Loose Ends. . . . Holla at cha boi. . . . This goes out to everybody that gave me support when I needed it. . . Kept me motivated. . . Kept my head in the game. . . You know who you are. . . It still don’t stop. . . Even when I’m gone. . . Leaving pieces of me in song. . . .

[Bridge] now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the game my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the game my soul to take (x2)