Album: Loose Ends
Track: Play Time Is Over
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] I keep tryna tell em play time is over. . . They aint listening. . . This is no longer a game. . . This is life. . . . Tryna educate these know notters. . . Let em know how we do it over here. . .

Lemme introduce myself; I’m Mr. Get Ya Whipped
Cuz I stand 5’4” with a 10 foot dick; see uhhh. . .
This is my outlet; what Im about
See I got a dirty mouth and I aint even hit the south yet
A little liquor got me tipsy
A lotta liquor got me hollering at hoes from here to Mississippi
Spark my black; can you smell it
To fit me its strictly Magnum PI like Tom Selleck
I eat emcees; I’m pacman on power pellets
Fess’ said it; deny these hoes like bad credit
I wont stop till I’m a rap legend
And cash is attracted to me like I’m magnet
Rumored at twelve inches so I must be the ‘ruler’
My mini me makes it look like you been neutered
Contenders that contest the Fess’ get made a fool of
So play like a retired mechanic and tuck your tool up

You better lay low until I say so
Ask around if you doubt me; they know
I’m out for pesos, cheddar and bankrolls
Play time is over; its time to make doe

If you want some, come and get some
Another victim; that’s the fifth one
Its big business; system sick with this
Simplistic shit; I’m kickin your limp biscuits
Gotta put my dick on your mouth, so I can feel what you’re sayin
Cuz right now I’m really impatient
Last time I checked it was still entertainment
But split with my chips get your grill in the pavement
You sure don’t wanna step in my war zone
With swords drawn; I’mma take over your throne
And lord knows, you couldn’t stop me with sore throats
Lungs with no breath, or distored vocal chord tones
You might combust for grabbin on mics I touch
(BOOM) and another one bites the dust
So just wipe the crust from your eyes; ride with us
Cuz you will never find another quire like the Plus


I’m the critical criminal of these lyrical wars
Touch me and I’mma cut you like umbilical cords
Similar to a fingerprint; cant nobody match my verses
And I just started out; I aint begun to scratch the surface
I rap for purpose; to get respect you have to earn it
And if not, I’ll see your clown ass at the circus
A cold world so its time to light the afterburners
I’m more fucked up than twice the cash for half the service
I need my space so get back
Cuz I’m a brand new breath of fresh air like tic tacs
And this rap gets more green than nick sacks
Strictly Pringles cuz I like my chips stacked
Its true, I’m through foolin with the bullshit
Cash rules C.R.E.A.M get the money like cool whip
I’m out for pesos, cheddar and bankrolls
Play time is over; its time to make doe