Album: Loose Ends
Track: Help Me
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Another day in my life; they say it aint right
How am I supposed to do my job when they aint payin me right
I’m stressed the hell out; I’d lend a hand if I could help out
And half these niggas say I fell off and I’m a sell out
And get this, they sent back all the CDs that I sent out
Got all these record companies dumpin me, now I’m in doubt
But fuck it, I got bigger fish to fry here
Aint ’bout to lie here, just curl up in a ball and die here
I gotta get it if you let me or not cuz I’m ready to rock
Goin harder when life tells me to stop
I got these bills over here; I got this bitch in my ear
Talkin ’bout she’s pregnant with one of my kids when its clear
That aint me; don’t get me wrong, but you must be crazy
How you forget we use protection when you’re the one who made me
So don’t come at me smiling, acting like you’re happy
Find yourself another sucka cuz I aint your baby daddy

Help me, somebody help me
Cuz I’m in too deep and cant find my way out; I’m like
Help me, somebody help me
Too much stress and pressure day in and day out; its like
Help me, somebody help me
Sneakin out the back cuz I’m about to snap; I’m like
Help me, somebody help me
I cant fool with these hoes; I’m fired up and I’m losin control; somebody help me

Baby, tell me can you save me cuz I’m goin crazy
Somebody take me cuz lately
I been too stressed; don’t know what I’mma do; I’m about to lose it
I’m only flesh and bone when the pressure is on (x2)


Cuz I cant help myself
I’m overworked and underpaid, so I gotta take it step by step
Gas tank on a quarter to E
I took a couple sick days so my check’s gonna be shorter this week
And yall niggas aint supportive of me
I wonder if you’d give me food if I was standing on the corner to eat
Till I got my tape recorder to speak
Nobody wanted to listen cuz I’m an outcast, sort of a freak
Reminiscing on the worriless days as a child
Now I’m stressing out; smoking on my last half of black & mild
Plottin on my next move
A few slips got a nigga workin two shifts cuz my rent’s due
It was all good till the pressure came
Got me part time hustling just to get a little extra change
Cash tight, I gotta get back right
This rap might be the death of me, but hey, that’s life