Album: Loose Ends
Track: I Know
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] I know they don’t want to man. . . I know this. . . Aw man they’re in trouble now (definitely in trouble right now) you’d better believe you’re in trouble now. . .Confession!

C. O. N. F. E. double S; I run with the best
Knowin you don’t want no trouble unless
You wanna bet I’m a threat for what I’m comin to get
Comin correct; gotta get it with a ton of respect
Cant nobody see me like I’m invisible
Lyrical epitome of criminals when I’m hittin with every syllable
This individual swords cut like umbilical cords
Split you in two, so I can see what’s gotten into you
I’mma continue with keeping it hot
Thuggin it up and I’mma ride till my people ‘ll drop
I’ll be leavin this life believe it or not I’m creepin tonight
Spittin bullets every time I speak in the mic
When I run the streets know I’m sittin comfortably
Every day these people hatin but they’re lovin me
Gotta get it cuz I’m ready and willin
I get the feelin; lyrical villain and yall don’t wanna fuck with me

I know - you
don’t want - to
Fuck with - me
I know you don’t want to (x2)

If I got what ya need then come and get it
If you want it with me then bring the beef when I’m runnin the streets
Cutting a piece of the pie; there’s at least 99
People out tryna be fuckin with me, but you’re a son of a beach
When I ride I am bumpin the beats
Tell me you’re blind but there’s nothing to see
When I release I’m a beast and I’m sayin the least
More fire that your girl naked under my sheets
Taking your money and she’s comin to me
While you’re workin so hard jerkin it off; so I gotta live it up
Now I’m ready to rock, heavy and hot till I’m ready to pop
And I’mma ride; gotta give it up
Gotta be one of the best that ever blessed the mic checks
Don’t like stress, but I got a hardhead
Its all bread so I move in the top doin it hot
And my wordplay’s enough to make you fall dead; I know you heard what a dog said


[talk] I tried to tell you. . . I know you don’t wanna fuck with me. . . Cant nobody fuck with me. . . Yea. . . . This is how we do it over here. . . . Holla at ya boi. . . .Phunkt House baby. . . . We still here. . . If you want some come and get some. . . . I’m bringin hip hop back. . . .