Album: Loose Ends
Track: It Takes Money
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] its takes money; it takes money, takes money. . . It takes money. . . . Man, I see you over there. . . Noddin ya head. . . Haha, yo, lets get it.

It takes money to make money; I gotta get it while I’m able
To live like trees and make paper
Start me with Bacardi and the shots go up
Cuz a party aint a party till the cops show up
Who wanna fuck with Confession. . . . . . . I didn’t think so
I play mind games making alcoholics drink slow
Being aware if you’re scared better sink low
I’m a playa and you’re nothing but a freak hoe
I pimp that givin back what you’re lackin
The illest Puerto Rican since Big Pun’s passing
Attractive; thugged out style for satisfaction
Little loco; five fo’ and still mackin
Blessed with the gift of gab; no half steppin
Confession, get the name right like Jack Stephan
This is reality imagine me happily ever after with a family
And all the Franklin brothers lookin after me

It takes money to make money; ya’ll know it aint funny
We stay runnin things that you cant take from me
In P+ we trust; all ya’ll eat dust
Need me to speak up; hoes down, g’s up (x2)

I know you heard this shit before
Cuz I got mine and you got yours
So lets just go and get this doe
Case closed; lets pimp these hoes (x2)

Every day it’s the same thing; I maintain
Sit your $5 ass down before I gotta make change
See honey, what you need from me; weed money
Meet me Sunday in apartment 320
Oh damn, didn’t know, ya know now
Go south, its g’s up, haters and hoes down
I sweep all the streets clean lookin like ghost town’s
I still battle niggas 304lbs
Want it, you can get it any way you like it
Keep your ears to the street and away from Tyson
Its my life, my pain, my fears
My soul, my blood, my sweat, my tears