Album: Loose Ends
Track: Where Do We Go
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] you know what, baby, you know what. . . I’m tired of playin these games with you; I don’t know where we go from here; its sad that it came to this and uhhhh. . . Im sorry. . . don’t act like you aint ever did nothing wrong to me. . . There’s two sides to a story. . So I just got a few things on my mind that I gotta spit right now cuz uhhh. . . if I don’t Imma go crazy. . .

My days pass slowly, got me wet in the rain
I should’ve noticed all the times that I left you in pain
Two months and 61 blunts later stressing the same
My confession is plain, now I know myself was to blame
I was selfish and vain; never learned the price of a jewel
But I’mma fix the heart I broke with this mic as my tool
That’s my right as a fool to make you take back every time I said I don’t care
This fussin and fightin will get us nowhere
So what’s a thug supposed to do when he’s hopeless
Desperate times call for desperate measures
And I’ve noticed 4-leaf clovers are bogus; save the luck for playin poker
Cuz your words are the only ones to keep me clear and focused
And now that you’re gone I’m lost with no map
Sittin here reminiscing wishin I could go back
Don’t let me be misunderstood in all realness
Absorb every chord and hit me up if you feel this.

Where do we go from here
Where do we go; where do we go; where do we go (x2)

Been a minute since we spoke, we split on bad terms
Spendin hours by the phone waitin for you to crack first
And that hurts not knowin if you’re out with whack jerks
So I’m tryna let you know and I’m hopin this rap works
I’m sorry doesn’t cut it, so I’m not gonna say it
Better yet, I’ll show you that I’m tired of playin
This run around southern town in this cryin game
How many times have you heard me say I’ll try to change
Forgive me for my sins, Lord, I’m lost
I had to make a song to get my vocal chords across
Do my words fall upon deaf ears? If so, listen up
Cuz every time I shut my eyes I see a stranger kissin ya
You’re probably lovin this to see me squirm and sufferin
If time apart is payback, its real cruel punishment
I pray this track makes your tears disappear
If not, where do we go; tell me where do we go from here.