Album: Loose Ends
Track: Creep, Sneak, Crawl
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Sit back, relax a minute; lemme spit the truth
Thugs get lonely, I know you feel me too
I’m not sayin that this man needs a wife at home
A change in plans when having those nights alone
I got the right cologne
So when you smell it got you feelin that you’d like to bone my platinum microphone
Light it up; better disconnect the phone
Dislike distractions when the sex is on
I’ll admit that I’m taken
But every single time you come into my world you got your man waitin at home
Probably nervous with his face in the ground
If he knew about us fuckin he’d be hating me now
But that’s a risk that I’m willin to take; so lets right
To the west side; bout to burn it down like Left Eye
Forget yours, baby girl, and I’ll forget mine
I’ll prove that the first time aint always the best high; and that’s right

So if you’re sittin alone with no dick at home
And your man’s gone, baby, pick up the phone
Creep, sneak, crawl
So nobody knows
Creep, sneak, crawl
We could do it on the low (x2)

If you ever need some all you gotta do is speak tongue
Fa sheezy; a phone call away, its that easy
Believe me; the truth fogs the lies of other guys
Arrive for love makin on the freeway
When we play there’s no strings attached
To every unsatisfied queen the king is back
To reclaim my throne; when you say my name its on
(Confession) Oooh, girl, you’re in the danger zone
My game is strong and rising
And every little movement of your body, I swear, is hypnotizing
From your lips to hips and thick thighs
And eyes that no guy could resist to dive in
Suspicions rise, but we persist to hide it
Cuz nobody sees when we kiss in private
As long as we keep it secret its heated
The season to show about a million different reasons to please you


Once again its on; my word in exchange for yours
Twist the blinds, lock and chain the doors
So nobody sees when you’re fuckin me
Livin down low, maybe it’s the thug in me
100% pure sinful rap tracks that please
So every beat gets you weak at the knees
Only temptation till a chance to cheat
Could tell you wanna dance by the way you glance at me
God has to be an artist; you’re a masterpiece
And when this session is over you’ll be fast asleep
As for me, turn off the alarm so I can be out
Cuz if your man saw me here he’d probably pull his heat out
You know the number to call, so feel free
To keep in touch whenever you need; ya feel me
Insignificant words, so just let the kiss speak for itself
And I’ll see you the same time next week