Album: Loose Ends
Track: Raw
Artist(s): Confession, Minkis, Richie Z
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] I’m feelin in a collaborative mood right now... Confession... Phunkt House... Lets do it... Yea...

Verse1 [Confession]:
Here I stand with a mic in my hand; I give a damn
Since I been in the lab, you cant see me like the invisible man
This is the jam; in demand
Switching your plans cuz I don’t plan on leavin till I’m kickin the can
So turn this shit up like you’re deaf and need a hearing aid
I wanna thank everybody that made it here today
This is the gatherin, so pack em in
From the back until I see the whites of their eyes and find every crack their in
No amateurs; I’m back to win every title of champion
Don’t make me blatherin blatherskite your ass into panty lint
Are your balls in the same drawer that your panties in
You’re fake as a manaquin; I don’t know how you manage it
Still stuck on the scavenging; frontin like you’re the man
But somebody shoulda told you that ass aint a manly scent
My final pitch; rewind this hit
Cuz you can feel me like its braile and you’re blind as shit, so c’mon.

If you want it we gon’ give it to you; if you want it, RAW (x4)
We’re gonna give it to ya (RAW)
We know that’s how you like it (RAW)
So we gotta bring it (RAW)
And you know how we do (x2)

Verse2 [Minkis Bone]:
Damn right we gon' give it to em raw
Y'all better respect the Minkis Bone; all ready know what you’re thinkin yo
Who be the homie with the venomous flow
The one and only ninja residin in Sunnyslope
The pills are white and chalky, the chronic is green and purple
The radio's so talky; my heads spinnin in circles
Step back cause I will hurt you
But I don't need no 357 to send ya to heaven, to keep you guessin; keep you stressing
Staring through ya soul even though you sweatin while you’re holdin on that Smith & Wesson
And this is my Confession
We be keeping it Top Notch cause I let my nuts swang
While the block is hot; ever since elementary
I been good to the hood so the hoods been good to me
It's that nicotine fiend who be high on codeine
Stay far from main stream; broke loose from the cage
Need to be quarantined; gotta stay raw to the beat of street, know what I mean


Verse3 [Richie Z]:
We keep it raw like salmonella the way I deliver
MC's be like you're hot, others can only quiver
I flow like the river, yo and I'm never gonna stop
Gotta thank Confession for the sixteen as the beats drops
Speakers pop when they reach top notch; rock the block with our brand of hip-hop
Tip-top flows from the 480; or a masterpiece from the 623
That's how we do in the 602; Represent to the fullest; never the dullest
AZ M.C on the M.I.C.; valley of the son of a gun, that's me
Blowin up like dynamite; boa style got it wrapped so tight
Flippin tracks all day all night; blowin out green cuz I wanna take flight
Ignite the blunt tip and then start to trip into a whole other dimension
Not to mention the fact that when I'm on the track got more game than cruel intentions
Its a cinch when I be pinchin the pencil holdin it down
Or bleedin thru the pen transforming it to sound
Take a listen cuz we spittin the truth
We got Confession, Minkis, top notch comin raw from the booth